Kanye West: About Air Yeezy 2 maintenance problems a few suggestions

I don’t know if you have this feeling when I buy a new pair of The Air Yeezy shoes, beginning always feel more protected, fear it bad or become old. Always find ways for its maintenance, but the fact is always unsatisfactory. Especially when you buy the new the Air Yeezys price comparison high, you are more care about its maintenance problems. Air Yeezy 2 appears to us to be more eager to buy it, there are maintenance issues when we buy it. Of course, I would also like Air Yeezy II has been in the new state, but it will inevitably lead to it growing old. Today, Air Yeezy Sale provides you with several recommendations on the maintenance of sports shoes, I hope you maintenance Air Yeez Two behalf of help.


1. Yeezy Shoes maintenance precautions to avoid the crush, the shoes in their original state. When you do not wear, you should remove the insole and the shoes ventilated place, easy to distribute hot shoes, restitution. Use neutral detergent washing, put to dry in a cool, dry and well ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, prolonged exposure of the sun causes the the uppers discoloration or damage uppers organization and shorten life. When not in use for long periods of time, need to be dry cleaned, wrapped in paper and stored in a dry place. Avoid high temperature baking.

2. Sports shoes most of the raw materials are synthetic polymer materials, some leather uppers, so avoid contact with a solution of organic reagents and fats and oils, but also should not be worn in a high temperature environment for a long time. General wear or washing temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius.

3. If stored for a long time, you should first shoes scrub clean, cool and ventilated place to dry for storage, so that the shoes have sufficient time to dry to avoid mildew. The best real leather shoes with paper balls or shoes prop propped up in order to avoid serious deformation.

4. In order to make sports shoes look more beautiful, we use some reflective material printing or eagerly process. Wearing or brushing process, do not use the excellent brush or too much force, but can not use nails or sharp pull these corners of the printed pattern parts. Wearer after a period of time, some of the patterned surface may be some small cracks (especially in the often tortuous parts), which are a normal phenomenon;

5. The daily training of athletes, it is best to prepare two pairs of the above sports shoes to replace every day; athletes or sports enthusiasts should always wear the purchase of several pairs of sports shoes. Air Yeezy 2 Outlet dedicated to providing convenient, sections of comfortable sports shoes, and inexpensive. Looking forward to your visit ..

6. Running shoes on the nylon mesh fabric and artificial tanning is relatively easy to maintain, hand wash with water, it is best not to use the washing machine or soaked in water;

7. Shoes and shoelaces with neutral soap / powder washed separately. When washing out shoe insole, gently scrub with a soft brush, and finally rinse

8. Sports shoes dirty water dipped in detergent, scrub gently, then rinse with clean water, the place ventilated cool the air-dried, avoid direct sunlight. Never use open flame heating or drying, to avoid aging, a plastic, fading and serious distortion. Excessive direct sunlight, hair dryer heat and improper methods of care will have to reduce the service life of the shoes; washing can not long soak, soaking time generally should not exceed 20 minutes. Real leather shoes can not be soaked in water. To make the shoes more beautiful, wear longer, we must do the maintenance of sports shoes.

Well, I mention these views, I hope that after our Kanye West Air Yeezy 2 more care

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