Kester heart moncler outlet slight smile,

Hello, oh, no, it should be good Executive, Executive moncler jackets you pretty long.” Ye Kai Han Han’s smile did not when the master consciousness. Feng Li surprised a moment, and instantly determine which of many different, then smiled and said: “I do not know whether it convenient to tell me you spent five.” “I dug grassroots ah, hiding in the cave of moncler outerwear the mountain of garbage a day, dug grassroots food, did not expect to actually over a five-year, 24 hours are overcast weather, I thought only a few months. vane chuckle touch under it. Feng Li and Kester, as an expression unchanged eyes is obviously shining eyes of the unbelievers, two people moncler coats can continue to ask is not good. “Oh, so this time I actually have come to ask you, go back to what is ready to go to school or to prepare the army?” Feng Li broke his silence and continue to ask, and a pair of beautiful eyes riveted on themoncler coats vane hope that can be seen from his eyes something. Not thought, so for the time being do not have a plan. “Said vane harmless. From the beginning to meet them, Ye Kai felt different, especially the two tone, all with respect, so that he had to be treated with care. Kester heart moncler outlet slight smile, what you just said below, broken lips, also sets not the slightest bit useful value, Feng Li also nothing. “Oh, ah, if you are interested in joining the military or go to Advanced Military Academy, you can feel free to contact me, this is the number of communication.” Feng moncler coats Li said, dial vane wrist above Communicator. This communication is Keister lieutenant gave vane, so far, there is only two people number one Kester, have now added a number of Feng Li. hm520pp20121113

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