Know The Different Methods Of ERP Implementation

At present, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the common business management software used all over the world. Typical implementation process of ERP software is done according to the requirements of project. What is the need of implementing ERP in business fields? This is a common question asked by new comers in business management field. ERP software, if not installed properly may lead way to failure in implementation. Do you know different methods of implementing ERP? Let’s find here different methods of implementing ERP software. Today, you can find a good number of ERP consultant services online. If you have any doubt, never hesitate to contact the consultant services.

Choosing the right ERP implementation method is very important to get targeted gain in businesses. For best result, it is advised to get guidance from an experienced professional. Three main ERP implementation software used in business strategies include Bing bang, phased rollout and parallel adoption. Let’s see one by one here in detail. First of all, we will start with Big bang. Bing bang is one of the common ERP implementation processes used by companies. In Big Bang, implementation is done at an instance. Members of the specific project can move to the newly added software at an instance.

Apart from implementation activities, you need to do pre implementation activities in Big bang process. Project managers who wish to get satisfactory result are advised to do proper planning before ERP implementation. Less duration is a main advantage of using Big bang process for implementation. You can do implementation process within a short interval of interval. It also eases the work of project managers. In this case, employers are trained only for new projects. Less time to grasp new system is a main drawback of using Big bang. Also, if there is any failure in implementing one part of the system, it can affect the entire business project.

Phased rollout, one of the widely used business management software in companies is done in an extended period of time. In this process, team members can move on to the new system in series of steps. ERP implementation methods done using phased rollout technique include phased rollout by geography, phased rollout by module and phased rollout by business unit. Time for users to come up with new software system is the main advantage of following phased rollout technique. Also it is possible for team members to learn new modules while programming future modules of project.

Company owners who wish to run both legacy and new ERP system simultaneously can go for parallel adoption method for ERP implementation. Parallel adoption method, also known as parallel conversion, parallel running and parallel cutover is one of the different methods of implementing ERP system software. You can also define parallel adoption method as an implementation process with low risk. While implementing ERP through parallel adoption method, users can easily learn new software system. High cost is a main disadvantage of following parallel adoption for ERP implementation. To reduce the risk of ERP implementation failure and time consumption it is recommended to do implementation after proper planning.

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