LCD Television-An Overview

LCD TV which is the demand of today is expensive as compared to the prices of old modelled TV. On the other hand people are afraid of its repair cost. They think that instead of repairing their LCD they must buy a new TV. In some cases it is true but not in all cased. Some important points must be kept in mind before deciding about it. As the repairing persons are not too experienced that’s why they are less present in the market. That is the main reason of high rates of Led repair. You must first check your Led yourself. First of all see that all the connection and the wires are present at their places. Then remove a all of them. Add reconnect the cables and wires. In this way you will be able to figure out the problem of your Led. You can consult with the people around you who have faced the same problem in their TV. Else you may call on TV Company for repair.

If this problem is present in more than one TV or you are covered by warranty then none of your business. It is the company headache. Right from the backlight to the display panel is repaired in such TV. So the cost is half or more of the cost of a new TV. If you have already spent 500 or more dollars in purchasing of new TV then it is like a blast on your mind that again your TV requires a great amount to be repaired. However there are some little problems that can be solved it without any professional skill. For example you have the problem of dead pied which has not been energized enough. Different ways can be adopted for its repairmen by using pixel character DVD or by tapping the pixel with the help of a sharp pencil you can repair it. This is the easiest way of repairing it. if you are using pencil in repairing the pixel you must tap slightly as you must be aware of the loss in case of hard tapping.

An led panel is very expensive so be careful while repairing it. Other problems are like bad pictures or poor audio. These problems can be solved by checking the wires. In some cases the connections are loose and the cables are not attached tightly. If these problems are not solved by you after careful attempt then there is a need for a good experienced technical person because replacement of its parts is required. Which will cost high? Now what is the cost of repair is a matter of question. It depends on the parts which are to be repaired but the confusion created by different manufacturers they offer different charges. It also depends on the part of the TV. If you have to change the backlight then it is not too costly. It costs only 85 dollars with labour charges so in such case it is preferred that the part is repaired instead of buying a new TV.

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