Leading-edge features have been incoprated in HP’s LTO 4 backup tape

Many companies are investing in backup technology nowadays and a large number of IT organizations are producing backup technology devices so that these can be used by companies all over the world. While cyberspace has benefited many by making the world a smaller place, it has also made many computers and businesses prone to dangers and external threats which may affect these businesses to the point of no return- eventually leading to a complete shutdown of the business. This is often because these businesses do not take steps to minimize the loss of important information.

Anyone could get into the database of a company and extract data that could ruin a company if others were to find out about its projects, research, work and development. Many companies and organizations involved in the production and research of nuclear products and weaponry, for example, could suffer because of this. Countries could be threatened if someone were to get their hands on such information.

These instances are not unheard of and just because they are not broadcasted by a channel that does not mean the possibility does not exist. That is why it is always better to save this information on something other than a computer’s software. Some businesses prefer going for USB flash drives and hardware while others have files and documents that are too big to store on to these devices.

This is where DDS tapes and Linear Tape-Open tapes come in. These tapes provide these companies with more than enough storage capacity to store their information on. Such technology is very affordable and since there are so many generations of the LTO and DDS backup tapes, companies of different types and sizes can afford them. Since new companies do not have much information to store as compared to, say, multinational corporations, they can always go for older versions of these tapes.

Bigger companies could go for the more advanced versions of the tape since they have larger storage capacities. Once such tape is the HP LTO ultrium 4 , which has a huge storage capacity of 1.6 TB of compressed data and this would enable companies to save huge files. Companies can store digital files and huge documents on this. The tape would serve two tapes- firstly, a business could store information on a safer and more secure device which would be unaffected by hackers and viruses.Secondly, this would minimize the need to save information on the database and computer systems of a business which can be used to save other kind of information.

One would require the tapes to be preserverd offsite, so that information is not affected by the online viruses and other disasters. These compact tapes can be carried anywhere since they are built strong. Since different businesses have invested in the tape and tapedrive, one can always retrieve information stored in the tape at another office or premise.Purchase the HP LTO ultrium 4 tape  now and it could help your business go a long way!

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