Certified Public Accountant’s Roles and Obligations

It is imperative to learn accountancy for you to achieve you greatest career goal, a Certified Public Accountant. Who is a certified public accountant? What obligations does he have? A professional accountant works in private and public positions. He is responsible for the accounting jobs and the discharge of his duties. He has to maintain certain professional principles and ethics as what is included as a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The guidelines and responsibilities of a professional accountant is outlined in the Code of Professional Conduct as proposed and implemented by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Being a professional and a member of the Council, What are your obligations to the public? You must carry out moral and professional responsibilities in your course of work. You must upkeep and execute sensitive budget issues for the business and economic integrity. Hence, you must maintain the highest level professional and moral judgments as you carry out your responsibilities. You are obliged to discharge your duties in agreement to the best interest of the society. You must put in mind the public’s interest as you perform your duties, exercise professional objectivity, integrity, caution and standards. You must keep in mind that you are central to the budgetary integrity and probity recorded in any public and private enterprise. Hence, you must ensure the success of the government fiscal policies as they relate to both internal and external publics of the government. Your must present professional independence and objectivity. You did not study to be an accountant to be confused and rudderless. You are thought of accountancy to become a commendable accountant that is certified in order to maintain trust and ethics of your profession as you give service to the people. In other words, you must be a moral and independent accountant. And practice objectivity in conflicting issues in you field. You must maintain a level head as you deal with individuals, private groups, government officials and agencies among others. In order to be able to discharge your obligations and excel as a certified public accountant, you must learn accounting and become an accountant. This academic and professional knowledge would help you to observe the Code of Professional Conduct set forth by the governing and regulatory bodies as you function to serve public needs. For more information, check-out learn accounting or how to become an accountant.

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