Life of Your Hardwood Floor

Are you thinking about the life of your hard wood floor of your home? The life of wood floor of your home depends upon several things however this type of floor remain for hundreds years. There are many houses in the United States of America, which are there since independence of the United States of America, but their hard wood floors are still there in their original condition without any damage. Life of flooring of your home depends upon many things like; material of flooring which you use like wood, nails, wax, glue etc, the flooring material, its maintenance, damage of the floor, which occur usually and damage which occur unusually. Types of flooring or installation types also matter for the life of floor of your house. Now a days mainly installed floor made up of hard wood, which are three to four inches thick. These floors made up of many kinds of wood. If you will use solid wood during installation of floor then it can give durable floor which standby the hard time and time of test during its ruff use and heavy traffic.

If the installation of your home floor was by a professional engineer than its life will increase along with its look and beauty. If installation was not in a proper way then during walk its corner will get rub, which will resulted into its damage. This will decrease the life of hard wood floor of your home. If installation is through proper procedure by a professional, it will not only increase its life but you also will be able to clean it easily. Proper cleaning of the floor will also help to increase its life. Sweeping, Maintenance, gentle wash and vacuuming are also the requirement for increasing the life of your home flooring. If you find any scratches in the floor of your home then you can use some waxes for its maintenance purpose. If you will use oil, polish, or wax for cleaning of the floor, original beauty and life of the floor will also increase.

Any damage, which is usual or unusual, it can also lessen the life of the home flooring. If you will use proper maintaining procedure or waxes for this purpose, it will stop the damage of the floor and will help for increasing the life of the floor. Sand and other materials like stones, rough things that can make scratches on the floor can badly damage the floor of your home. Traffic of feet or people on any floor is also main factor for its life’s increase or decrease. If you will following all the preventing measures in this regards and will save you floor from unnecessary things then it will increase the life of you home hard wood floor because once wood installed as floor it remain there for many years. Proper washing is care is the main point, which you should keep in mind but before this proper installation is also a key factor for the life of wood floor of any house.

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