Liver gasification out the garbage not being called fatty liver

Even if you have no idea of effective meizitang, you can search information concerning it.  Qi deficiency of the people, the movement of qi within the body is not sufficient, the meal after the absorption of nutrients not absorbed, the excretion did not excrete, not of the gasification gasification out as a result, these vaporized substance is converted into fat, pile up. What is fat? Fat is the body is not vaporized out of the garbage. Liver gasification out the garbage not being called fatty liver. Veins vaporized garbage called high blood cholesterol. Petit pot belly gasification out garbage.

Secondly, to see a fat man is not yang, but also urine. Yang and fat, thin, loose stools and urine long. In addition, Yang and type of fat and some will be impotence. Treatment: Zhongjing well-known prescription РJinkuishenqiwan,,. Jinkuishenqiwan, also known as Ba Wei Shen Qi Wan, formed by Bawei drugs, respectively, Rehmannia. Many people are losing weight with the help of effective meizitang.  Chinese yam, dogwood, Cortex Moutan, Alisma, Poria, cinnamon, aconite. If you remove the last two herbs, became Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, because it is more than the Liu Wei Di Huang Wan cinnamon and aconite, so people called it Guifudihuang pill.

Zhangdou greasy yellow tongue coating, fiery, red eyes, red, and the stool is too dry or too wet to damp heat of the fat of the performance. Workaround: open gentian, gypsum, Alisma a class of heat and dampness of the drug, to eat some green beans, wax gourd, bitter gourd, lotus seeds, barley and other heat dampness food, do not eat spicy dry Lie of the goods, such as pepper, dog meat, beef and mutton. There is a simple and effective method can be used as daily conditioning use, daily massage of the Ministry of Quchi Acupoint of the elbow. The main components of effective meizitang are natural Chinese herbs.

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