Luke Air Force Base

Luke Air Force Base is a military aviation airport in the Metropolitan area of Phoenix, the State of Arizona. The Air force base was named as the Litchfield Park Airbase in 1941 when it was formed later in 1950’s the airbase was named after, Lieutenant Frank Luke .JR.– the recipient of the Medal of Honor after World War II in order to credit his contributions. To date the air force base is serving to train the US fighter pilots and storing the US fighter aircrafts. The role it has played since its origin to date is remarkable and the services ithas rendered will always be written in golden words.The Luke Air Force base is hosted by the 56th pilot group. The group consists of three parts, the 56th Fighter Pilot Group, 56th Maintenance Group and 56th Medical group. The Fighter pilot group is responsible for the entire pilot training at the base. The group consists of the 27 squadrons of the pilots. They are white, spikes, Emerald Knights, Wild Ducks, Tophats, and Wizards. All these groups are trained separately to fight for different missions.

Events are held on regular basis in which the pilots of different squadrons show their skills and the pilots with the best skills are awarded with the prizes.Not only the US air force pilots are trained at this airbase but the services are also rendered to the Taiwanese and Singaporean air force.The maintenance of all the aircrafts at the base is the responsibility of the 56th Maintenance Group. This group consists of the 5 squadrons who are given intensive training on a very large fleet of F-16’s. These are the most advanced fighter planes that are owned by the US air force. These squadrons are trained not only in the maintenance of the aircrafts but also in handling of the ammunition.The 56th Medical group is providing free outdoor medical services to the people of the Phoenix area. Many people are benefitting from their services. The group has been working from many years and covers a large area of the Phoenix metropolitan.

The Luke airbase has a long history; it has produced many heroes in the World War II and the Vietnamese war. The Luke airbase is therefore popularly known as” the Home of the Fighter Pilot”. The services it gave in the World War II are still remembered and the photographs are placed in museums of the Los Angles and Washington DC. Also the Vietnamese Memorial has been built in the Washington DC the capital of the United States. The Memorial has the statues of the Heroes of the war and the models and photographs of the pilots.The range of the fighter aircrafts at the Air base is large containing the most recent fighter crafts as well. The US air force is working hard day and night to achieve excellence in terms of skill and technology to make them the most powerful nation of the world. We salute the nation’s great army for its contributio

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