Master the General Things of Screw Classifier

The classifiers can class the finely milled materials by particle size, fine particles suspended in the water become into the overflow outflow, coarse particles sink to bottom, by the screw pushing into the upper and return to grinding machine, the screw classifier is also used to separate fine clay in the minerals and used for ores dehydration.

Spiral Classifiers are widely used in the distribution of ore in closed circuits with ball mill in mining processing, in order to get a certain degree fineness of ore particles, meanwhile increasing the efficiency of grinding. This screw separator can also be used to wash sand, classify ore sand and play other functions.

Product features

1. Some models of classifiers adopts rolling bearing instead of the original bearing, which reduces the frictional resistance, and avoids frequent replacement and maintenance of the bearings. The space required for installation and maintenance is reduced by adopting ZQ reducer.

2. In order to match the cylinder feeder of ball mill, a sand scraper is added, which makes the ore pulp flow from the side to the cylinder feeder of ball mill.

3 The lubrication parts are improved, and grease pumps are arranged for large-size products, making the lubrication more reliable.

The screw separator use the principle that different grains have different specific gravity and sedimentation rates in liquid, the fine ore to flow in the water, while coarse ore sinks to the bottom. This spiral concentrator can filter materials and send coarse materials to the feeding mouth and discharge fine materials from the pipe. The seat of the ore spiral classifier features channel steel material, while the body is armor plated and the spiral axle is made of cast iron for durability. The machine”s lifting equipment can be used manually or electronically.

If you have any question about the screw classifiers, welcome to consult Hongxing Machinery:

spiral classifier for gold ore:

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