Methionine, cystine in meizitang can prevent our skin becoming dry

Methionine, cystine in meizitang can prevent our skin becoming dry.  It should be noted that the main natural vegetarian, not what we have seen in the market of refined processed flour, instant noodles, cakes and other easily digestible food. The natural vegetarian natural cereals, whole wheat products, beans, green or yellow vegetables. To restrain consumption of high sugar content and high-fat natural vegetarian. Used to eating meat to the beginning of vegetarian diet, do so anxious, step by step, and the two-dish vegetarian meal try to eat, adapt and then gradually cut down on meat and refined foods, and slowly shift to natural vegetarian-based

Then the body’s metabolism will become slow or even stagnation, the mood of the people will be affected, that is, irritable. You can every day to drink a cup of hot, fresh orange juice and lemon juice mixed drinks; can also try the carrot juice and ginger juice mixed drinks. Carrots since ancient times known as a strong fine food, rich in minerals, can enhance the activity of the liver, kidney, adrenal gland and other organs, but also play a tonic effect on gastrointestinal weak people. Human liver is the most active state between daily 11:00-13:00, so choose the best nutritional supplements at this time. Chitins in meizitang is able to regulate the physiological function of human body.

Methionine, cystine in meizitang can smoothen skin.  D, to avoid exposure to the sun Some vegetables (such as celery, lettuce, rape, spinach, cabbage, etc.) containing the photosensitive material, excessive consumption of these vegetables and then to the sun exposure to ultraviolet appears erythema, papules, edema, skin inflammation, the disease in the medical known as the “plant of solar dermatitis. Therefore, a large number of vegetarian vegetarian after a meal should try to avoid exposure to the sun. E, control of dietary total energy Vegetarian cooking you want to pay special attention to the control diet the total energy, in particular, sugar, cooking oil intake, try to eat sweets, cooking light.

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