Method of Fixing Cracks in the Wooden Doors

Have you ever noticed the cracks in your door? What are the basic reasons behind these cracks? Well we often ask this question from ourselves we never even reached to any conclusion. As we know that wooden door are much stronger and durable but on the other hand it may also get damaged very quickly. In the humidity or rain he quickly gets rusted. Even when a single drop of water or rain falls on the wooden door it immediately absorbs the drop and as a result the stains appear. In such situations the cracks are the biggest problems that finally make the door more horrible looking. Now most of the people would have listened that even the cracks can be repaired and for making this thing possible you can to get through this article because we are mentioning the simple method for repairing the cracks in the wooden door. For starting the process you will need a cordless drill, sawhorses, bar clamps, glue, hammer, wood wedges and tape.

Mow let us began with the steps. Firstly if you have the panel’s door just open the entire door in such a way that the cracked area is witnessed inside. Now take a masking tape and cover the cracked areas very smoothly and carefully till the edges. Now take the bar clamps and put them on the crack areas and press it tightly. Now observe the door and figure out the places where still some of the cracks are left. Take the pencil and mark the cracks carefully. After marking juts tale glue and apply it on the cracks. Make sure that the glue is reaching inside the cracks as well so that it might function fully. Until the glue doesn’t get dry just don’t follow any other additional step. Afterwards take the clamps and apply it firmly on the crack areas. Make sure that this hitting procedure has to carry out with the hammer and clamps. Now remove the clamps from the cracks as soon as the glue fully gets dry out.

On the second last level take the sandpaper and apply the sand on the cracks very smoothly. Make sure that your applied sand is also going inside the cracks as well. Now color the wedges where the cracks have been witnessed. After the color gets dry just spray the lacquers on it. This will make you noticeable with the change that the cracks are finally getting repaired. When we look upon the precautions then always make sure that you must wear the glasses while cutting the wood and spraying and never forget wearing the gloves as well. Additionally, also wear the dust mask as well during the sanding. Well on the whole all such people who have the trouble of cracks in their house wooden doors they must get a tight grip over this method now. We are fully confirmed that through this method steps you will probably discover a door that is free from cracks and even stains.

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