Mexico’s major non-metallic mineral

Mexico is the world’s major mining producing countries, a variety of mineral production in the world, including silver, bismuth production in the world’s No. 2, celestite production ranks first in the world 3, mineral production in the world are: cadmium, cement, copper, fluorspar, gypsum, manganese, molybdenum, salt, sulfur, STONE CRUSHING PLANT PROJECT REPORT oil and zinc. Mexico oil and gas production, respectively, the world’s No. 6 and No. 12, 2007 Mexico’s national oil company (Pemex) total revenue of $ 112.2 billion. 2007 World commodity prices generally rose, Mexico most metals and non-metallic mineral production have different degrees of growth

Mexico is the world’s major producer of non-metallic mining, non-metallic mineral production in 2007 increased by 8.4%, accounting for 7.2% of GDP in Mexico Mining. Diatomite production in 2007 increased by 31.2%, mainly producing mines located in Jalisco Zacoalco de Torres ore. Besides mineral production growth are: phosphorus increased 88%, an increase of 13.9% gypsum, kaolin 0.9%.

Barite: 2007 Mexico barite production decline, output reached 185,900 tons, down 6.9% compared with 2006. The main producing mines located in the state of Nuevo Leon Galeana ore, barite annual production capacity of 400,000 tons.

Fluorite: Mexico has the world’s second largest STONE CRUSHER MANUFACTURERS IN INDIA producer of fluorspar, 2007 Mexican production was 933,000 tons, down 0.3% compared with 2007. Minera las Cuevas fluorite ore as Mexico’s largest, annual production capacity of 430,000 tons. Fluorita de Rio Verde mine annual production capacity of 160,000 tons.

Graphite: Mexico has the world’s fifth largest producer of graphite, graphite production in 2007 was 0.99 million tons, down 16.1% compared with 2006. 75% of graphite produced little city of Hermosillo Sonora. According to the British “BP Statistical Review of World Energy” June 2007 reported that Mexico ranks first in the world energy consumption 15, 2007 Mexico’s primary energy consumption amounted to 155.5 million tons of oil equivalent, compared with STONE CRUSHER MACHINE PRICE IN INDIA 2006 growth of 2.7%. In its primary energy consumption in the oil and gas in the first place, respectively, 57.4% and 31.3%, followed by coal (5.9%), nuclear power accounted for 1.5% and 3.9% water. 2007 Mexico oil consumption 89,200,000 tons (Table 3), compared with 2006 growth of 2.8%; consumption of 54.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas, representing an increase of 5.3% in 2006; Mexican consumption of 15.31 million tons of coal, an increase of 1.1% compared to 2006 ;

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