Microdermabrasion Advantages and Disadvantages

Positive aspects

The positive aspects of microdermabrasion involve, but are not restricted to, slowing the aging effect, reducing pore size and minimizing the appearance of blemishes, spots, and scars as effectively lessening the look of pigmentation and rough skin. The appearance of razor rash and ingrown hairs can also be minimized with this course of action. Some patients also claim that the approach can radically lessen the appearance of wrinkles. These are just the desirable effects that patients seek from the procedure. Other benefits have one thing to do with the truth that no drugs, medicines, and anesthetics are implemented during and right after the procedure. This signifies that it does not employ painkillers to manage and handle any discomfort considering it is not a painful process. The session itself is fast, ranging around thirty minutes. In spite of this, a variety of sessions are necessary to attain the desired impact.


There are handful of disadvantages of microdermabrasion but it is very good to be aware of them prior to undergoing the abrasive procedure. A single of the foremost disadvantages is hypersensitivity to the sun. Due to the fact that old skin is removed from the dermis and new, younger hunting skin is exposed, this new skin is a lot more sensitive to sun exposure. This implies some measures have to have to be taken in order to safeguard the new skin. The use of sunscreen is very advised, even without having undergoing any facial procedures. A different factor that wants to be regarded as just before undergoing microdermabrasion is the price of every single session. The cost of each and every session can add up to be incredibly high priced, specially if the damage to the skin is considerable.

Generally, the process is protected and successful. It has additional benefits than disadvantages to it and the disadvantages are not in the process itself but are in the results.

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