Mid-Sized Companies Can Conveniently Integrate The HP’s LTO4 Solution That Offers Massive Capacity and Flexible Drive Installation

Security of customer and company data is essential for business sustainability. All of the business activities come to a halt if operational data is corrupted or inaccessible. Fire, hardware failures and natural catastrophes are more disastrous, as the data assets are completely lost. The remedy for these unexpected disasters is ongoing backup storage. Successful businesses ensure that their vital data assets are periodically backed up and preserved at a safe off-site location.

Linear Tape Open (LTO) technology provides a solid backup system for cost-efficient scalability, greater compatibility, long term investment protection and unmatched storage reliability. Its exceptional drive and tape compatibility among different brands has made it the best selling tape system.

Hewlett-Packard HP, which is also the LTO format’s co-inventor, has the best range of LTO solutions offering low ownership cost and longer working life. HP ultrium 4 system, with its remarkable drive architectures and flexible configuration, is the perfect midrange solution. You can count on this tape system for the most stringent challenges in complex and busy IT centers.

HP’s ultrium 1840 (full height drive family) and ultrium 1760 (half height drive family) can be connected to the high end workstations and integrated in workgroups and midrange client/server environments. This solution is also an excellent choice for high speed tape libraries. Storage capacity is a significant 100% improvement over LTO-3 generation. Native recording capacity is 800GB for LTO ultrium 4 tapes, and 400 GB in LTO3. So fewer tapes would complete your massive data backups and as a result, lesser shelf space will be utilized. Base film is composed of extremely fine and small magnetic particles. As a result, demagnetization loss and noise level are sharply reduced.

Other durable LTO 4 tapes that offer longer archival life are D2407-LTO4 (TDK), 26247007 (Fuji), LTX800G (Sony), 341-4640 (Dell) and 183906 (Maxell). The LTO4 technology provides excellent choice to midrange companies and further maximizes their investment through its clear growth path.

State-of-the-art correction codes feature in these compact HP-branded LTO 4 drives that can reliably recover an entire data track, which is approximately 32mm of tape reel. Moreover, the read-while-write functionality delivers unbeatable data accuracy without degrading the throughput speed. This tape solution safeguards the valuable corporate data even if the backed up datasets are stolen or hacked. The built-in encryption functionality can be trusted for long term security, as it is based on 256-bit encryption algorithm. Another intelligent write-once read-many (WORM) data security feature has been introduced to elevate the security level. So data files remain in their original state throughout the storage period and can’t be altered or erased.

In this way, IT managers can prevent both intentional and unintentional data tampering. Data can be recorded and retrieved from these small-sized LTO 4 tapes at a remarkable speed of 140/240 Mbps. Put another way, a massive data amount of 1 gigabyte can be reliably copied onto the tape within 4.2 seconds. Customers trust HP, because it rigorously tests the tape media for uninterrupted consistent performance. HP’s exhaustive media testing and leading-edge LTO devices make it the most compelling mid-range tape system available.


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