Mineralization of basic and ultrabasic rock mass

Chinese and deposit formation of acidic magma intrusion, including contact metasomatic (skarn) type deposits, porphyry-type deposits and senior temperature gas-liquid-type deposits, mainly brought about by the magma to the main volatile mine-making ingredients aggregated, cooling and crystallization, and alteration made accountable. Therefore, to find the key is to find these types of acidic mine rock volatile easy gathering place and location. Due to volatility and the proportion of light volatile components in the magma emplacement, along with the temperature and reduce the pressure, it will be separated from the magma out of these volatile gathering place and location, may be affected by many factors, including the formation, Control rocks, structure, etc., but the most important is more in the rock (mainly primary invasion of the body) at the top and the upper concentration, because only the top of the main body of the invasion have a large number of volatile supply, as the temperature decreases , where it carried out a series of liquefaction and explain the surrounding rock, alteration, crystallization, the formation of a variety of altered rocks and mineralized ore body. mobile stone crusher machine in germany

This is almost the majority of the overall mineralization processes associated with acidic magmatic rock of the deposit. Due to the flow of liquid magma intrusion from the main body of the low-lying peripheral space when at its top, gaseous or volatile components is not difficult with the upper flow together and migration, which resulted only in the main body of the invasion There is only the top and the upper and rich deposits of ore forming the upper portion of the overflow body that it may be formed only in some of the ore and the transition of the main body contact or during the invasion, and the invasion of the body farther away from the main place, it is difficult to form a larger scale and value of the deposit, the ore body. That may be why the acid rock in and around the contact zone a lot, and not everywhere deposit, ore occurrence in a larger size and value of the deposit, ore and concentrate only found in a rock Some parts of or contact with certain of one main reason. machinery used in cement plant

It should be noted that the distribution of the above deposits, the ore body, the site focused on the relationship between space and rock types, but is limited to a one-time activity and magma intrusion associated mineralization, if there are two magma intrusion or more times, it is another matter. But even if there is repeated intrusions and mineralization of rock, one on each intrusive activities, its main mineralization is still concentrated in the upper part of the same period of time with its rock. stone crusher equipment indonesia

SHOUWANGFEN copper mine in the north of Chengde City, Hebei Province, southwest, is a medium-sized copper mine, produced in Yanshanian granodiorite and Changcheng System – Jixianian cloud formations from the contact zone in the case of contact metasomatic skarn type deposits. Yanshanian granodiorite surface into a narrow northern Kwanza like two triangles (calabash), the distribution area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 170 square kilometers, SHOUWANGFEN copper deposit that is produced in the southwest corner of the rock contact zone. Almost from the time the mine was found from the start that geologists are in contact with other parts of the rock band The prospecting work, in order to find new similar deposits, but has been unable to do so. The reason why? In the nearly 200 km long contact of the rock band in the end there is no occurrence of SHOUWANGFEN Mine? So far there is no definitive conclusion. On the basis of the relevant characteristics of the pluton emplacement using the concept of the foregoing types of conduct spatial analysis, wishing to find valuable SHOUWANGFEN style copper has very little likelihood of the surrounding rock. coal mining companies in india

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