Mobile Crusher is Conducive to Construction Waste Management

Construction waste is the ‘culprit’ endanger China’s urban environment, with the rapid development of urbanization, increasing construction waste. Placed in a large number of outdoor construction waste, not only takes up valuable geographical space, and its proliferation of fine dust particles, but also seriously pollute the atmospheric environment and endanger our physical and mental health; long-term accumulation of construction waste containing hazardous substances, will be gradually immersed soil into the ground waters and pollution of water environment, while reducing soil production capacity. Everywhere in the construction waste has become a ‘cancer’ of threats to urban safety.

Troubled for construction waste, the world, many countries have begun to take a variety of measures to optimize. Developed countries, the main current take waste Tametoshi, to promote the industrial management of construction waste resources. The data show that Germany has produced in the world’s largest building garbage disposal plants, and has a more than 200 construction waste to absorb, the annual turnover of up to 2 billion euros; the United States each year 100 million tons of waste concrete for processing into aggregate construction, effectively reducing the cost of production; combination of traditional management tools and a variety of economic means, Denmark, based on the utilization of construction waste up to 90%; Austria to receive an alarming number of processing fee in addition to construction waste, but also configuration for almost all the generated construction waste construction waste mobile treatment equipment; and adjacent to South Korea and Japan, through the development of relevant laws, rules and regulations to effectively curb the frenzied growth of the construction waste and construction waste resources .

Based on the present situation, mobile construction waste recycling is designed by Hongxing Company absorbing advanced construction waste recycling technology. It is widely used in construction waste, industrial waste, coal, coal rock, slag, and building materials, etc. After the solid waste application process, it can produce all kinds of new building material which meet quality inspection standard. The utilization ratio of construction waste can reach 80-100% according to the different equipment configuration. There is no second pollution, and it can achieve almost zero pollution and zero emissions.

So There’s no doubt about it mobile construction waste crushing plant make contributions to the city environment, it improve the quality of the city, turn the waste to wealth.

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