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Of course, chess is not only the class to play in class,women moncler quincy down jackets Hooded purple and red  when two people are often the same table you draw step, step onto the other side and then painting, then step back and then draw on so silent, you come to me, the heart have to play on a whole class. Later the school to upgrade teaching equipment, the classroom blackboard into the plexiglass. Blackboard with a touch of natural grid stripes, so it became our best board. Recess and lunch break, when we often partisan backgammon scrape up and down the board until the school bell rings, I heard the teacher’s pace was Zuoniaoshousan, the door just left alone in front of the teacher blackboard full of mess mess teeth. Flight flight chess is chess childhood classic letter. Pieces in four colors, painted a small plane,Moncler TULSA Women Down Jackets Black  we dice, throw to a few walk, met the same color and have dotted line connecting the stations can fly directly to the next stop, the first to reach the end wins. The rules of chess there are two people crazy enough to. First, start with only six can throw the dice off, otherwise we will never have to stop at the starting line. Second, is about to reach the finish line, you must just throw the number of points needed to reach the terminal to enter the end, if you roll over to reach the end points more than the number of steps required, even after you reach the end and then doubled back. Because these two rules of the Vibram Five Fingers Men’s KSO Running Shoes Varsity Royal Camo game bt bh but encountered bad luck when, or else stop at the starting point is helplessly watching the way others move forward without their points, or is only one step away from the finish where kept to the back to back. In both cases, happened to me before, and both to an extreme – Once the opponent has come to an end I stopped at the starting point. Once I had also led the way, but in the end, even the last one went to the end I have still only a step or two away from the end where sloshing back and forth While boys like to watch a child while bragging Jun Qi under way, all the teachers Vibram Five Fingers Men’s Sprint Fitness Shoes Wheat Black commander Brigadier commander to talk about a cut at every turn shouted kill ah ah, you pull a drag military terms, blowing a tactical strategy blow their own. Just do not hand in papers to be a teacher but also because of criticism about chess since become a hero on all big hero. Boy, ah, child side yard full of assault rifles Feng Pao, Jun Qi school of playing fun and plastic soldiers, grew up watching martial arts to play war games. Maybe the boys are indeed each has inherent war or yearning for conquest and ambition, just like every girl has the same fantasy that they are fairies. Chess, chess city I live, Women Tod Gommini Driver Pink there is always a lot of people in the next street chess, mostly on the age of the grandfather, and occasionally also see middle-aged men and young men. In particular, a day after dinner, the park’s stone table, under the street side of the road, including their own tables with chairs, waving palm-leaf fan, or you carrying coat, holding a large cup of tea, long blazing underground with chess. Later, I found the afternoon after school, many children have joined the ranks of such, but they are usually not eligible to serve only in the next match. Many boys of chess, is to follow the grandfather of the match in the childhood years slowly honed. Jun Qi flight than those checkers chess,Women Tod Gommini Shoes Green  chess in the children in the less popular, too orthodox, and not fresh, it is not simple.I feel the most beautiful of my life and interest to the most beautiful and fun time all this is ruined, and never brought back. Strong opponents chess Finally, our childhood most welcomed, most everyone excited, almost everyone one the most so that we, the most widely embraced by everyone, most people struggle with them numerous times and still find time may now struggle with ,Australia Luxe Nordic Angel Tall Brown Boot  and chess in the boss – strong opponents moves, debut. In a very long period of time, we should play strong opponents chess piracy – the board is not hard, is an ordinary paper, bank notes feel is also very common, a lot of house red and green mixed in a plastic house bag, no box outside. We mess things these children will fall in a plastic pocket, where taken to where to go. The fundamental idea is to make money game, money is everything, money is paramount, who are flush with cash who is the big winner. The same piece of land, passing the first time to buy land, build a house on the second pass, the more people build houses to pay the tolls more. Of course, these are not scary rail and water companies, those who can monopolize the four railway, or a monopoly water company, almost let others go bankrupt. Fortunately, the era of hand-game computer gamesv Luxe Nordic Angel Black Tall Sheepkin Boots For Women  like Monopoly later, a remote control or road blocks like dice tool, which gives us the monopoly of the road become more difficult, get all the ridge is almost unlikely, however, Who can account for two or three, but also provided enough power and prestige of the. Remember the time when passing from the starting point can go to the bank and then receive two hundred dollars of the provisions? So every time when the excitement over the starting point, feel old money. Remember the fate of the opportunity cards and card? Each screen draw breath when they are, they aspire to and to resist, and excitement and fear. Sometimes able to get good cards, fly directly to the starting point for money, sometimes able to get a bad card, or be thrown into prison estate property tax levy luxury tax, because we face a different brand or cry or laugh Moncler Clairy Blue Shiny Puffer Down Jacket Women.

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