Monrovia, Travelling Hub Of The Future

Monrovia is the capital city of Liberia in West Africa, it’s located on the Atlantic Coast. Just over 1 million people live in Monrovia making it Liberia’s most populated city. As the city grew during the next century it was divided into two sections, one for the returning African-Americans and the other for the existing local population. The city continued to grow as more people moved into Monrovia from the count. Things were looking up in the late 1970′s as Monrovia’s public housing and education system saw significant improvements. Unfortunately this came to a dead halt in 1980, when Samuel Doe led a military coup and Liberia was caught in two consecutive civil wars, infamous for their destructive violence. Today, Monrovia is at peace and Africa’s first female president is in charge. Monrovia is a working port, but its sprawling neighborhoods are generally poor with intermittent electricity. The most common languages you’ll hear in Monrovia are English, Bassa and Kru.

If you are crazy about luxuriating in the beauty of the less explored Africa including its ancient culture, food, and people and if you have the time and resources, do book cheap flights to Monrovia, tickets online immediately from any part of world, and if you are coming from Europe, book your flight to Monrovia from London. And if you are budget conscious, do not visit your travel agent. Book the tickets online at a travel portal for cheap flights to Monrovia. Once you have done it, go online and search for places that are of tourist interest and make a list of the same. If you think your hotel personnel or guide will direct you to the spots yet there are chances that you may miss places and later regret after returning and then knowing about it. The privately owned Bellview Airline is headquartered in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria with the airport base being Murtala Mohammed International Airport. It runs domestic, regional and international scheduled flights to Monrovia, and from major destinations in Africa and Europe, especially flights to Monrovia from London.

Douala, Abidjan, Libreville, Banjul, Accra, Conakry, Monrovia, Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt, Dakar, Freetown, Johannesburg, and London are the cities (airports) covered by Bellview Airline. Thousands of business tourists fly by Port Harcour flights to Monrovia. If you are traveling to Africa, do include this city in your list too. Online booking of flights to Monrovia from London is a simple process. You need to have a bank account with credit or debit card. There are also facilities for Internet banking. It will take only few minutes to get the booking done; you will get the electronic receipt from your printer. Prior bookings will let you avail big discounts. It connects most of the countries of this part of the world with rest of the world. People try to get a cheap flight to Monrovia by selecting the one from the numerous offers of the different travel agents that are providing the flights to Monrovia in competitive prices.

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