my father sent me

it was told me in the last letter my father sent me.” They stillkept on looking at him, curious at finding out the secret of hisgrief, and it made him angry.
  These questions and answers were rapidly exchanged through the pallidmists, so the moments of this peculiar colloquy skipped swiftly by.
  ”My wife wrote me at the same time,” continued Larvoer, “that MonsieurMevel’s daughter has left the town to live at Ploubazlanec and takecare of her old grand-aunt–Granny Moan. She goes out to needlework bythe day now–to earn her living. Anyhow, I always thought, I did, thatshe was a good, brave girl, in spite of her fine-lady airs and herfurbelows.”Then again they all stared at Yann, which made him still more angry; ared flush mounted to his cheeks, under their tawny tan.
  With Larvoer’s expression of opinion about Gaud ended this parley withthe crew of the /Reine-Berthe/, none of whom were ever again to beseen by human eyes. For a moment their faces became more dim, theirvessel being already farther away; and then, all at once, the men ofthe /Marie/ found they had nothing to push against, nothing at the endof their poles–all spars, oars, odds and ends of deck-lumber, weregroping and quivering in emptiness, till they fell heavily, one afterthe other, down into the sea, like their own arms, lopped off andinert.
  They mbt shoes pulled all the useless defences on board. The /Reine-Berthe/,melting away into the thick fog, had disappeared as suddenly as apainted ship in a dissolving view. They tried to hail her, but theonly response was a sort of mocking clamour–as of many voices–endingin a moan, that made them all stare at each other in surprise.
  This /Reine-Berthe/ did not come back with the other Icelandicfishers; and as the men of the /Samuel-Azenide/ afterward picked up insome fjord an unmistakable waif (part of her taffrail asics gel with a bit ofher keel), all ceased to hope; in the month of October the names ofall her crew were inscribed upon black slabs in the church.
  From the very time of that apparition–the date of which was wellremembered by the men of the /Marie/–until the time of their return,there had been no really dangerous weather on the Icelandic seas, buta great storm from the west had, three weeks before, swept severalsailors overboard, and swallowed up two vessels. The men rememberedLarvoer’s peculiar smile, and putting things together many strangeconjectures were made. In the dead of night, Yann, more than once,dreamed that he again saw the sailor who blinked like an ape, and someof the men of the /Marie/ wondered if, on that remembered morning,they had not been talking with ghosts.
Part 3 In The Shadow Chapter 12
Summer advanced, and, at the end of August, with the first autumnalmists, the Icelanders came home.
  For the last three months the two lone women had lived together atPloubazlanec in the Moan’s cottage. Gaud filled a daughter’s place inthe poor birthplace of so many dead sailors. She had sent hither allthat remained from the sale of asics shoes uk her father’s house; her grand bed inthe town fashion, and her fine, different coloured dresses. She hadmade herself a plainer black dress, and like old Yvonne, wore amourning cap, of thick white muslin, adorned merely with simpleplaits. Every day she went out sewing at the houses of the rich peoplein the town, and returned every evening without being detained on herway home by any sweetheart. She had remained as proud as ever, and wasstill respected as a fine lady; and as the lads bade her good-night,they always raised a hand to their caps.
  Through the sweet evening twilight, she walked home from Paimpol, allalong the cliff road inhaling the fresh, comforting sea air. Constantsitting at needlework had not deformed her like many others, who arealways bent in two over their work–and she asics shoes drew up her cheap asics running shoes beautifulsupple form perfectly erect in looking over the sea, fairly across towhere Yann was it seemed.
  The same road led to his home. Had she walked on much farther, towardsa well-known rocky windswept nook, she would come to that h

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