My Wife Shows No Interest In Sex After Giving Birth To Our Baby, What To Do?

If your wife shows no interest in sex after giving birth to a baby, she needs support to regain her natural desire and drive for lovemaking. Pregnancy is a straining period which takes a lot out of woman’s body and after delivery body goes through many changes to get back to pre-pregnancy state. Healthy woman can take these changes and her body can pass through these phases conveniently but most of the women experience some drastic changes in their physical health as well as psyche after delivery. Lack of desire for lovemaking in woman is one of the most common problems which a large number of couples face after birth of a baby.

During pregnancy woman has higher secretion of hormones and needs more energy to fulfill requirements of her own body as well as of baby, after delivery hormonal secretion gets back to normal which can reduce desire by reducing sensation in female genital area. In case of vaginal birth many women take lot of time to regain tightness and elasticity in the walls of their genital passage to get back desire for lovemaking. Apart from these, new born baby is completely dependent on mother, taking care of him can stress out a woman physically and mentally, lactation is another cause which can reduce desire and drive in many women for lovemaking. If your wife shows no interest in lovemaking after giving birth to a baby do not take it as a surprise, it is quite normal and happens to many women.

Use of herbs is safe and very effective treatment to the problem which will not only increase desire and drive for lovemaking in your wife but will also help her to regain her physical and mental health quickly. If your wife shows no interest n sex after giving birth to a baby ask her to take support of Kamni capsules. These capsules contain herbs which are very beneficial and free of side effects and their magical properties will nourish reproductive organs, repair damaged tissues of genital area and bring back hormonal balance to normal quickly.

These benefits in a short time will provide her energy, sensation and desire to make love. These capsules also promote higher blood flow towards female genital area, this provides higher energy to cells and tissues and energize and stimulate nerves of the region. These benefits will promote lubrication during arousal, tighten walls of her genital passage and make lovemaking more sensational and pleasurable. If your wife shows no interest in sex after giving birth to a baby, after using Kamni capsules, within short duration she will enjoy sex even more than before.

These capsules provide other benefits too like improving energy levels, rejuvenating female reproductive organs, regularizing menstrual cycle and nourishing all the organs of the body. If your wife shows no interest in sex after giving birth to a baby due to stress, lethargy or stressed-out reproductive organs, these capsules will boost-up her physical health quickly and safely to make her keen lover once again. These capsules are purely herbal hence are free of side effects and need no medical prescription before use.

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