Natural Home Remedies For Freckles That Give Amazing Results

Freckles are flat, round and brown spots on a person’s skin. Freckles are basically of two types, ephelides and lentigines. There are certain factors which may cause freckles in an individual. Some of the common causes are prolonged exposure to the sunlight, hereditary, hormonal imbalance, disorders such as xeroderma pigmentosum and many more. These freckles can be seen in both men and women and are harmless.

Freckles Home Remedies

There are several remedies for freckles which are quite natural and safe to try at home without any risk of side effects. These home remedies are simple to use and can give good results. Some of the popular home remedies for freckles which are being used since a very long time and have proved to be quite effective in many cases are:

1. One of the most effective remedies for freckles is the use of lemon juice. All you need to do is take a lemon and extract its juice. Now apply this lemon juice on your freckles with the help of your fingers. Practice this home remedy on daily basis for better results.

2. One of the cheapest remedies for freckles is the use of buttermilk. Take a tablespoon of oatmeal and mix it with buttermilk to make a paste. Now apply this paste on the affected area. Wait for twenty minutes and then later wash with cold water.

3. Take some red lentils and soak them in water for whole night. Next morning blend these red lentils and turn them into a paste. You can use this paste on your freckles.

4. You can use vegetable and fruit masks on daily basis to treat freckles. Strawberries, apricots, red currant and cucumber can be very effective in lightening your freckles.

5. Vitamin C is also considered to be one of the most efficient home remedies for freckles. All you have to do is consume food rich in vitamin C such as strawberries, grapes, oranges and apples on daily basis.

6. Aloe vera juice is also very helpful in treating freckles. Just take some aloe vera juice and rub it on the affected area. Make this a daily routine and you will see that after some time your freckles will fade away.

7. Take a potato and grate it. Now squeeze juice out of this grated potato and then apply this juice on the affected region. Wait for it to dry and later wash with cold water. If you use this home remedy on daily basis it will lighten up the freckles after some time.

8. Take some honey and water and mix them together. Now heat this mixture and later apply it on the affected area. After some time wash with warm water. This is one of the most effective home remedies for freckles.

9. Take sesame seeds and turmeric in equal quantities and mix them together. Now grind this mixture in water and then apply it on the affected area.

10. Just before going to bed it is very beneficial if you apply vitamin E oil on the affected area.

These were some of the most popular remedies for freckles which are simple, cheap and effective.

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