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Having a weekly need for good GIS Data, primarily for oil and gas, I regularly buy datasets from the regualar oil and gas data vendors. Last week, when looking for tax parcels in Oklahoma, I stumbled across US Land Grid. As a new provider in the Oil and Gas Data vendor world, these folks pampered my every need with immediate service and response. Downloading the data was instantaneous and the completeness of their GIS Data was amazing. Hence, the feature of my article – need oil and gas data – there are better options available and US Land Grid seems to be setting the new bar for oil and gas data.

By doing a quick google search, a came across I started in their land grid section by downloading a sample. Like all the data on their site, I could choose multiple formats and was able to choose more than one. As soon as downlaoded the GIS data I noticed the stark differences. They provide more data layers. Their land grid data included sections, townships, lots, tracts, quarters and surveys. Just to make sure, I brought in the Ersi topo map stream. It matched! I couldn’t believe it – I had finally found a good land grid source that was affordable and seeminglingl reliable.

I moved on to the Texas Land Grid Data, downloading a sample in Dimmit County, TX. Once again, I got my download straight away. The layers included abstracts, surveys, blocks, sections, sub-survey and even minerals. The data looked and tuned out to be great. Their abstract gis data is spot on!

The next thing to try was the tax parcels. I downloaded Beaver County Tax Parcels, Oklahoma. They were detailed parcels, with attributed including owner, PID, address, market value, legal, etc. It was your typical good quality tax parcel or ownership information but at an affordable price.

I wanted to try their well data as well. To be honest, by this point, I was excited to see what US Land Grid had to offer – and I figured their well data was going to be the icing on the cake. Unfortuanely, there was no well data. After cliking on Live Chat, the customer service representative told me that they are still building their master well database. She mentioned that like all their data, their wells will conform to the same oil and gas data model that all the US Land Grid data uses as a standard (interesting!). The oil and gas well data is due in early 2013, with the layers including headers, formations, bottom holes and directionals. Honestly… I cant wait.

The bottom line… if you need some oil and gas data, I would save this address – No matter how much you like your current oil and gas data vendor, you mind find yourself spending some time on this oil and gas data website.

If you would like more information they have online customer service that is next to none. Don’t hesitate to try their online chat if you have any questions.

Are you searching for additional on oil gas gis data? Go to Edison R. Finch’s blog page now for additional facts on oil and gas data immediately.

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