New Michael Jordan shoes for 2013

Are you a big Fan of Michael Jordan shoes and prefer buying Nike Jordan shoes being a sports amateur. You must keep yourself away from the shoes being manufactured and sold in the black market, estimating the future importance of Michael Jordan shows many companies seem to be putting their efforts in designing replica Michael Jordan shoes to earn some commission. These companies are offering the same design as the Nike Jordan shoes but the material they used in the shoes is of highly poor quality thereby you have to be wise enough to trace down the fake shoes versions to save you big money and time.

After Michael decided to officially take part in this deal Nike signed a 2.5 million dollar contract for five years, plus royalties and other fringe benefits and this was then the entire “shoe game” changed. At that time many basket ball sneakers were simple and white but not the new AirJordan1’s, they where a bold black and red. Now of course this is a huge switch but it caught the attention of viewers everywhere, even so much that the NBA banned the shoe from the league. This didn’t stop Michael from wearing them though, but every game they were worn the NBA charged Michael a $5,000 fine. This fine was paid by Nike and they could care less as their sneaker was getting HUGE exposure.

There isn’t any other brand that is able to manufacture and design Jordanshoes series like women Michael Jordan shoes as the Nike Air Jordan has come a long way since its foundation and specialized in the art of making sports shows. Knowing the factors, opting for another brand couldn’t be any good for you; it does not mean that other popular shoes brands are not offering good shoes, but when it comes to quality sports shoes the only brand deems to be considered is Michel Jordan’s NAJ. Michael himself was a sports star and knew the needs of sportsman who needs ultimate comfort while in his plays on the playground and shoes indeed play important role in his life; if his feet aren’t at ease of moving around effortlessly how he could be performing well. This is the specialty of new Michael Jordan shoes that their soles are made of hard and comfortable leather that provides support to the ankle and feet while preventing feet from getting injured in the play. Since the sole is designed to bear hard blows, the players do not have to confront with issues in the play.

A brand which started on a bumpy road has grown to create one of the biggest impacts on the shoe industry and until this day, are still worn and praised on their appearance. Now there are many more AirJordanshoes out there which include Air Jordans 1 all the way up to Air Jordans 24 which was the number that Michael Jordan played with during his basket ball career. If you are looking to purchase some of his famous sneakers they can be found in most sneaker retailers that are out today and although they are a bit more expensive expense comes with most nicer looking sneakers.

So when you want 2013 Air Jordan shoes and you just have to have them follow some of this advice regarding knockoff items and genuine items and you could find that you get your genuine new AirJordan shoes at a fraction of the price that you would pay from a retail store.

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