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From consumer demand for, young consumers belong to imagine type and loose type, consumption idea is diverse forms, both radioactive thinking, and a focus of thinking, how to use its positive favorable factors are thinking type experience .air max 95marketing the key to success. This need to consumer psychological world real insight, to inspire their mental model, creatively let consumers get cognitive and problem nike air max 1 solving experience, a sports experience cultural consensus.
Peng of sports city through continuous community sports culture dissemination and sports segmentation cheap nike air max , forming different community sports culture exchange and experience places. This platform together a wide range of popularity, for great success will jeremy scott adidas reach consumers way of thinking to effectively guide to create conditions. Such as hire a professional basketball coach to sports experience cultural community adidas jeremy scott wings , the youth sports fans for free counselling, organize the relevant basketball game can attract more sports fans or participate in among them, the “butterfly effect” drives a lot of onlookers evolution for consumers, consumers into sports lovers, and then reach from the theatre to act in an opera role. This can not only achieve product consumption, but also the product consumption to sports cultural experience consumption transition, and even the sports cultural experience deduce for a kind of habit, into the life into a healthy way of life.

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