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In the era of attention economy gradually rise, people more easily in the “eyeball” senses to know consumer goods
Brand image spokesperson has become the effective way for enterprises to obtain market one. And to make the brand image spokesperson in the brand in the process of the propagation of shaping the brand image does give full play to its function, must promote the brand image spoke nike air max 1 sperson function, the correct selection and management to several aspects of research, in order to guide the company’s work.
So, look for a celebrity, is the brand “image spokesperson” to deliver the brand information, attract consumer “eyeball”, and finally make the enterprise made the brand image, brand awareness air max 90 let consumer awareness and accept to become the enterprise managers the most commonly used important marketing communication means. However, in practice, some enterprise obtained success, but there are also many enterprises spend a high price, the effect is not obvious, but even this mess up. Theory and practice are nike air max the request, the operator must spread the brand of the brand image spokesperson function, selection and management strategy to make deep discussion, in order to improve the brand in the spread of the image spokesperson propagation efficacy.
Enterprise to the implementation of brand strategy, and the first to be creating jeremy scott shoes the brand popularity. Please do a celebrity brand image spokesperson, can will celebrity personal image resources grafting to brand, good spokesperson image will make brand reputation greatly improved. In 1993, for example, gong li starred in “beautiful” air conditioning promos, make “beautiful” air conditioning jeremy scott wings reputation. In 2002, the charismatic zhang ziyi become a famous cosmetics brand “maybelline” spokesperson, maybelline cosmetics in China rapidly promote awareness. At the same time, the modern age is an age of information explosion, consumer daily contact with a lot of advertising, but most of the advertising is consumer ignored. Consumers all day in front of hundreds of advertising siege, has the instinct in advertising information and their senses to construct between a shielding net. New products, brand unknown circumstances, with the celebrity endorsement is punctured the barrier of the edge tool, using the power of celebrity, often can rapidly enhance the brand awareness.

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