Now this is chique?

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I realize this is an international paul smith sale   but I highly recommend Best American Duffel ( 1000 denier Cordura nylon, double-stitching, nickel plated, welded, no rust hardware, 6000 lb seat-belt webbing. Bought first in 2000, still using. Bought second last year. Not affiliated. Just happy customer. Highly recommended.
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I need a new duffel bag. The locking grommet on mine tore through the nylon, but I’ve had it since the 80s and used it since the early 90s. It came free with a Drakkar Noir purchase, but I don’t actually know who bought the cologne, I found the bag in a closet in my Paul Smith Belt  when I was a kid. Love that bag.
Kevyen Reply
You messed up your source.

If you’re not afraid of looking like a hipster than this bag is reasonable enough and way more stylish ” Bags”.
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I’ve used mine for 15 years now. The zipper pull eventually snapped, but a keyring was a great replacement. It’s still going strong. My ex bought me a new one last Christmas because the old one was too sun bleached for her taste (I use it as a beach bag), but I think Paul Smith Purse looks better than the new one. For what it’s worth, the zipper on the new one is much more chunkier and stronger. Will probably last forever. Get one.
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