Imagine going for a long drive. You have the perfect car going smoothly down the road, under the trees, the beautiful sky, perfect weather… ok now stop day dreaming and get moving!To have this luxury you need to have a car first don’t you? If you have yet to buy a car, you need to decide a few things beforehand just to make the buying process a bit rapid.Transmission. Are you comfortable with manual transmission or are you used to driving auto transmission?Drive. Do you need a four wheel drive or an all wheel drive? In what kind of terrain do you plan to use it?Safety. What safety features do you insist on having in your car? Something about your children or yourself Capacity. Decide how much storage capacity do you need in your car? Where do you go during holidays? How much do you pack for it?Space. How big is your garage? What size car can fit easily in to your garage?

Once you have successfully identified the kind of car you want, you browse the car market and take a look around. You will find new cars and used cars. New cars do look attractive on the front but used cars can be preferable to new ones due to certain reasons:New cars cost a lot when buying but once bought, their cost reduces by 10,000 which is a huge loss when selling a brand new car, if negotiated intelligently, can cost a lot less than brand new cars even being a year or two old You are also aware of the cars mechanical problems if you care to ask from the previous owner When buying a used car, you should focus on certain areas.Be aware of the selling prices in the market so that nobody can take undue advantage If you are ordering a car directly from the factory then make sure they don’t fool you with the prices comparable to the cars being sold on lots because they are a lot cheaper than them.

Avoid asking car dealers to locate cars for you. They ask a lot of commission Used cars don’t have MSRP or price invoice stickers. Only new cars have those so beware of people telling you otherwise Check the car frame for rust. The exterior may look good enough to you but it’s the frame that runs the car so make sure nobody deals you a rusty a car Check tires and wheels. Make sure wheels and suspensions are in alignment Search the body of the car for recent paint jobs because this means the car wen through some recent damage. This reduces the car value and you can also ask the owner about its maintenance Thoroughly go through the interior of the car. Check for wear and torn seats. Check all the meters Look under the hood for engine. Take the car for a test drive and feel it.

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