Outstanding Representation Of Military Flags

Ever since the armies of ancient Rome carried flags into battle, military units and organizations of many nations have used flags to denote their allegiance and to promote morale. As well as national flags, military units have their own flags which signify the unit’s goal. US military flags vary among list of branches of service in design and use. At all United States military installations, visitors see the US flag displayed prominently. Below the national flag there will often be other flags which symbolize the branch of service and the particular unit or units stationed at that installation. Each one branch of the US armed forces has its own flag; you can also find flags for a variety of divisions, regiments, and individual officers. When many branches of the US military are generally represented, their flags will be displayed in an order of precedence corresponding to the date each branch was founded: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard. An exception is made throughout wartime, when the Coast Guard functions as part of the Navy; at such times its flag requires precedence over that of the Air Force. The official flag of each and every service is kept at its headquarters in Washington, DC. The flag of the US Army represents the seal of the Department of the Army in blue on a white background. Below the seal is a red ribbon scroll with the words–in white–’United States Army.’ Below the ribbon, in blue, is the number ’1775,’ the year in which the Army was founded. The official Army flag as well bears 175 streamers on its staff, depicting campaigns and battles in which the Army participated. Individual Army units will have their own replicas of the Army flag, with streamers depicting battles for that individual unit. Each unit also has its own flag, which is flown below the Army flag. The Marine Corps flag is scarlet, with the gray and gold Corps emblem above a white ribbon scroll with the red words, ‘United States Marine Corps.’ Its rules and practices are similar to those of the Army. The US Navy’s flag includes a dark blue background with all the Department of the Navy seal in white and gold, above a gold ribbon scroll that contains the words ‘United States Navy’ in the same blue as the background. It could possibly or might not have battle streamers on its staff. The Navy flag will not be flown on outdoor poles at naval bases, nor by ships at sea. It can be flown from a staff on the quarterdeck by simply ships in port. Ships cruising fly only the US national flag, from the main mast. In port the US flag si definitely flown from a staff at the rear of the ship. Ships in port can also fly a jack, which is a small flag the size of the blue portion of the US flag, from a jackstaff at the front of the ship. The jack involves thirteen red and white horizontal stripes; over them is an image of a rattlesnake above the words ‘Don’t Tread On Me.’ The Coast Guard, that is originally part of the Navy, follows the Navy’s guidelines and practices with its flag. Its flag is white, with all the Great Seal of the United States in blue and red. On a semicircular path are the words, ‘United States Coast Guard.’ above the seal in blue text, Below the Seal will be the Coast Guard motto, also in blue, ‘Semper Paratus,’ along with the number 1790, which is the year the Coast Guard was founded. While on law enforcement duty, Coast Guard cutters likewise fly the Coast Guard ensign, which, according the 1799 order establishing it, is ’16 perpendicular stripes, alternate red and white, the union of the ensign to be the arms of the US in a dark blue on a white field.’ This is a signal to other ships that the Coast Guard has the authority to board and search any vessel thought of illegal activity. The US Air Force could be the youngest of the armed services, and its flag was created in 1951 by an executive order from President Harry Truman. The design is simple: the Air Force coat of arms for a blue background. Rules for its use resemble those of the Army and Marine Corps, which includes the use of battle streamers. Many companies, both brick-and-mortar and online, offer military flags for sale. Many military veterans and families of active-duty service members purchase and fly US military flags to show their support of the troops.

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