Overview of Los Angeles

We are sure that all those people who are reading this article they would certainly think that Los Angeles is their dream world. Well if yes then you must get hold on this article because in this article we are discussing some of the most interesting and prominently known aspects regarding the Los Angeles. Los Angeles is normally a Spanish word and if often a Spanish speaking country as well. This country is considered to be one of the highest population cities in United States of California and after the New York City this city is counted as the most popular city in the whole world. The population stands of Los Angeles are approximately 3,792,621. The amount of the area in which it is actually spreading far and wide is about 468.67 square miles. Los Angeles is situated in the Southern California. This city has been surrounded by the areas of the Greater Los Angeles Area known as Long Beach that covers the population of maximum 18 million people and is one of the famous and most distinguished areas of the Los Angeles.

All the people who are currently living in the Los Angeles has been termed as the Angel eons. This city is an extreme beautiful city and it has been considered to be one of the dream destinations by the tourist. The Los Angeles was included on the world map on 4th September 1781 by the Spanish Governor Felipe De Neve. After the Mexican War of Independence in 1821 it became the part of the Mexico Country. In 1848 the Mexico was purchased by the United States of America and after wards it became as the part of the United States of California. On 4th April 1840 the Los Angeles began to be recognized as the country by the world. Furthermore, this city has been even designated with the nick name of “City of Angeles’. Nevertheless this city is not just popular for the interesting and awesome places but it is even regarded as the world of business, fun, entertainment, media, fashion, science, sports, hotels, economy and shopping.

In the ranking of top richest countries of the world the Los Angeles has been ranked on the third number. It is in addition the fifth most powerful city of the whole world. This famous city of Mexico has been even known for the establishment of the cultural and educational fields for the citizens of the Mexico. According to the survey of 2008 this city adds the GMP of $831 billion and this factor make this city as the third largest and yet the biggest economic center in the whole world after the Tokyo and New York. This is even not step back in the category of the entertainment as well. It has all the fun and exciting motion pictures, television production and stage films along with many Hollywood films too. Los Angeles has even received the honor of hosting the Summer Olympics Games as twice times in 1932 and 1984.

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