Living in a loft provides you as much freedom of living as possible. You have an open space which you can use any way you like. All you have to do is to mark the right spot you need to as the living, dining and sleeping area and then decorate it with the appropriate furnishings that would be both comfortable and modern. But this will be boring if you do not add color to the surroundings with the paints.Painting is very important part and parcel of the loft decoration. In this case the ceilings are high and almost all the pipes and tubes are visible creating a mess. Paint covers all these pipes and tubes and thus add to comfort and cleanliness. When you have decided to paint your loft first thing is to choose the color. If you are living in a loft that has been formed of the industrial area the design will be bit old and the cream and off white colors would do good. However the newer residential loft can be painted in any manner.

Since loft is a open space with no indoor walls you cannot put too many colors. The basic scheme has to remain the same in all the apartment. Thus choose a color that is pleasing to your eyes. Shades of white, beige and taupe will do a good job. However if you don’t like such a neutral environment you can add other colors that go with your basic scheme. Adding bit of details to your kitchen would be helpful and give your loft a chic.Once you have chosen the color the next step is measuring the amount of paint you need. Measure your room with the inches and count the area by multiplying height, length and breadth. It is very important lest you fall short of the paint you need or spend too much on buying extra amount. Always buy good quality paint because bad quality paint will ruin both your money and hardwork. Oil based paints give the best finish. You can choose any paint with matte or shiny finish according to your own choice.

Other than paint you need to buy other tools like paint brushes, rollers and sponges and paint tray. You should choose the roller that absorbs adequate quantity of paint and makes a thick layer of paint on the wall. Using a brush to paint the wall will be a lot tiring and time consuming so this is not a good option. However details can be added to the walls with the help of an inch brush. Adding details to one or two of the walls is a good idea because that gives an artistic touch to the room as well as break the monotony.Be careful while you are painting that you do not over apply or under apply the paint. Under applying does not give a good finish and over applying causes splashing of paint that spoils the rest of the work. At the end paint your windows and doors with a color that is in contrast to your basic theme. This will give a break as well as ensure exquisiteness.

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