Pearl bracelets

The style of pearl bracelets and the maintenance of the pearl bracelets
The pearl bracelets are made of pearl to decorate your wrist. It is the best jewelry for women for the beauty and the bright color of the pearl. In order to pick the suitable style, it is best to judge from the pearl color and the thickness of the wrist, so as not to wear expensive pearl necklace looked not so beautiful. And it is not worth to win a bad mood for it.
But what style does the pandora braceletshave and how to take care of your bracelets? Now let me give you’re the answers.
The style of the pearl bracelets
The bracelet chain is on the basis of the bracelet, and converted into jewelry. It has both a bracelet style and the Aura of necklace. The alternative bracelet chain can be listed below:
1 The Strap-pearl bracelet
In the earlier, this kind of style is universe and generous. The feature of this style is that a diamond or a string of small diamond was inserted into it. The sophisticated technology and the elegant shape fit for the women who engage in acting and translating.
2 Fancy bracelets pearl bracelet
Some are with gold and some are platinum. They are colorful and this bracelet chain can be dual-use or multi-use. Liberalized, connected into a two multi-root chain necklace use, but also when. Some jeweled bracelet chain, pandora beads, necklace, two-piece jewelry can also form. It is fit for different ages and identities.
Now you know the styles of the bracelets. If you have one, do you know how to take care of your bracelets?
1 Keep it away from the kitchen
There are tiny hole on the surface of the pearl and it is easy for the substance in the air enter into the pearl. So when you are in the kitchen, please take off your pandora charms to cook your meal unless that you want your pearl bracelets breathe in the steam and the oil gas in the kitchen to become yellow.
2 Using the sheepskin to clean your pearl
After you wear the bracelets, you should clean the pearl with the sheepskin especially in hot days. Some of the tissues attrite the surface of the pearl easily.
3 Don’t wash the pearl with water
Water can enter the pearl easily and it is difficult to be dry. The water in the pearl may turn sour and the pear will become green. If there are lots sweats on it, you can clean it with soft wet towel.
4 Air
Pearl also need fresh air. You can wear your pearl in regular time. It is not good for the pearl always staying in the plastic or safe.
Generally, the species of the pearl include nature and human-made. The price of normal pearl bracelets is about 1000 RMB and the dearest cheap pandora beads can vary from million to billion. So it is vey important for you to avoid the fake one.

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