Permission to extract at Kami given

The Kami Mine Limited Partnership, an affiliate of Alderon Iron Ore Corporation, has signed a Grant-in-lieu of Municipal Taxes Agreement with the town of Wabush with respect to the development of the Kami Iron Ore Project in western Labrador.

Under the terms of the Agreement, the Kami LP will pay to Wabush an annual grant-in-lieu of municipal taxes on the Kami Project mining operations that will be located within the boundary of the Town of Wabush and its Municipal Planning Area. iron ore crushing machine in india Kami LP will also provide a capital projects disbursement to the Town, with the funds going towards required infrastructure needs. Payments under the Agreement will commence after initial production occurs at the Kami Project. As long as Kami LP makes the payments required under the Agreement, the Town will not seek to charge or assess Kami LP for any municipal taxes in relation to the Kami Project or the business carried on by the Kami LP on the Kami Project.

“This Agreement is the result of our continuous positive working relationship with the local communities and marks the final municipal agreement required for our Kami Project,” said Tayfun Eldem, president & CEO of Alderon. iron ore crushing machine in india “This Agreement will aid Wabush to continue providing the services that residents, businesses and future Kami Project employees rely on. We are very pleased at the support we have received from Wabush.”

Tongshan starts

Tongshan mining companies have built a new, permanent secondary crusher in the south of the tongshan ore in British Columbia. All major mechanical and electrical components of the purchase order has been placed and the major parts of crusher has arrived in Canada, and have been shipped by rail to candy lupu, BC where they are through a special truck to the mines for transport. Lower the toilet components is the largest part of the crusher, weighing more than 100 tons. Because of its size and weight of the special traffic permit in time provided by the ministry of transport, in order to meet the road to the mine’s schedule. Receive the license earlier this week and next bowl components has now been shipped to the mine.

The company is mainly engaged in nickel brothers lifting transportation to complete the leg entailed shut down the main highway between candy lupu and Princeton in 20 km road for the team move down the iron ore crushing machine in india road transport. Spent four night, make 200 km trip, because transportation between every night at midnight and 5 am, decrease as far as possible along the traffic chaos.

The crusher will be installed in western Canada’s largest cone crusher, with 6 inches from the primary crusher crushing rock down to 2 inches in size. New crushing facilities design work in to operate at a speed of 2800 TPOH, aim to satisfy the most demanding, the application of high tonnage. Basic work has been completed to crusher plate, it is for the newly arrived under toilet component placement. Once the bowl components installed, builders will be mobilized, and start building an erection.

Following the construction and installation, the installation of a new conveyor system will start in the spring time. Expect the construction for the secondary crushing equipment total cost is 40 million yuan, iron ore crushing machine in india is expected to construction will be completed in the middle of the summer. Once installed, 100% of the mill feed will be adjusted to 2 inches, this would allow the grinding is equal to or higher than the 35000 tons gets on the design of continuous operation. In 2013, short-term mitigation measure to increase mill output, continue to operate successfully and January and February expected performance and production.

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