Physiotherapy Education around the World

Physiotherapy Education around the World

Physiotherapy is a scientific method of reducing physical disabilities. The person who works professionally in this sector is called as a physio or physiotherapist. Physiotherapy is the shorter version of physical therapy. Nowadays, it is considered as an effective treatment for paralysis and other physical disabilities.

What is physiotherapy education?

You need to be a registered person to work as a physio. There is an individual education system in this sector. Physiotherapists all over the world have to achieve a professional degree to work in this sector. There are different types of educational systems for physiotherapists in different countries. The syllabus of physical therapy education is designed to meet the need of the people of the country.

What is the type of physical therapy education system in Africa?

The type of physiotherapy varies from country to country. In Nigeria, there is a 5 year bachelor program for physiotherapists. They have to pass a one year intern period also. There are many universities that offer programs on physiotherapy. Besides bachelor program, there are masters and doctorate programs in this sector.

In South Africa, the course of physical therapy is designed with a four-year  bachelor program. This program is designed with both theoretical and practical courses. A graduate of this program can work as a physiotherapist and refer patients to specialists. If they want to practice in the advanced level, they have to study some advanced programs also.

What is the type of physiotherapy education system in Asia?

Asia is the largest densely populated continent in the world. The physiotherapy course in Bangladesh is designed by University of Dhaka and University of Rajshahi. It is a four-year  bachelor program. There are four institutes in Bangladesh for physical therapy education.

There are many universities in India for physiotherapy education. A physio has to complete a four-year  bachelor program to work professionally in India. A 6-month compulsory internship is also needed for fulfilling the degree requirements. There is also postgraduate study in this sector in India.

In Pakistan, there are three universities for physiotherapy education. These universities offer both graduate and post graduate courses.

In Sri Lanka, you can study a diploma course in physiotherapy. It is a 2-year course. After completing the course, students have to attend the practical training courses in hospitals.

What is the type of physiotherapy education in Europe and America?

In Ireland and Malta, the physiotherapy course duration is 4 years. But in other countries such as Italy, Spain, UK, etc. the course duration is 3 years. There is scope for post graduation also.

In USA, the course duration varies from state to state. Most of the states have designed the physiotherapy education with a 4-year course.

What is reflexology?

A treatment system that works on the application of pressure in different organs is called reflexology. The person who applies this method is called a reflexologist. In reflexology, the target organs are ears, fingers, hands, etc. A reflexologist put pressure on these organs. Though reflexology has not been proven as an effective treatment yet, a reflexologist can solve many physical problems by this method.

Proper education is a must for working as a physiotherapist. Try to gain proper theoretical and practical knowledge before starting your practice. You can also get necessary information about physiotherapy in

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