Polished Concrete Floor Upkeep

Just as the approach of polishing concrete floors has grown so has the popularity of quite a few really good maintenance programs.

The reason you require a maintenance plan is this more than time foot traffic, shopping carts, production carts, forklifts result in micro scratches in the concrete surface. This causes the light to deflect (refraction) and the floor starts to loose its luster. Mind you this would take spot over a a great deal higher period of time in a residence or restaurant as opposed to a warehouse or production facility.

These micro-scratches also tend to trap dirt albeit at a “micro” level it also adds to the enhanced dullness of the floor. There is hope even though, but an low-cost “neutral ” cleaner may not be the answer for a higher site visitors location. It ought to be very good for a property, loft or smaller retail space.

You quite possibly have seen this a lot more substantially in the building supplies aisle at your neighborhood residence improvement shop exactly where the floor starts to dull in the initially 60 days, when the rest of the store looks new for 6 months or so.

If proper upkeep procedures are followed the foot site visitors wear patterns could not be noticeable for 1 to 3 years.

Numerous of the processes that have been employed for marble and organic stone polishing have been transferred over to polishing concrete. Just as the stone sector required to create applications for appropriate care of their floors so has the polished concrete industry.

Let’s use the example of a busy higher finish office lobby. The owner knows that if he does not use a maintenance program his freshly polished marble floor will begin to lose its luster in about 45-60 days from the foot targeted traffic and the identical micro-scratches that we discussed earlier.

He also knows that it is substantially alot more price beneficial to implement this upkeep plan as it expenses a entire heck of a lot less than having an individual come in to repolish once a quarter.

Maintenance for polished concrete floors can be accomplished by the janitorial contractor, upkeep crew or even the contractor that polished the floor in the 1st location, but it needs to be performed. As in the example of the marble floor it is much less expensive than getting somebody came back to polish the floor once again.

The proper upkeep plan is certainly fairly effortless.

1. A every day or bi-day-to-day schedule of sweeping and/or dust mopping of the floor.

2. Weekly cleaning and vacuuming of the floor mats which should be at each and every entrance to the developing, this is particularly essential in the home and restaurants as sandy kind dirt and material is your large enemy for a polished concrete floor.

3. A every day or weekly schedule of cleaning the floor with a concrete cleaner conditioner. This would be done with a ride on or walk behind auto scrubber for a huge facility or just a mop in a smaller sized location such as a residence, restaurant or retail retailer. The janitorial crew can manage it, trust me.

4. The final part of the plan is to use a higher quality liquid concrete polish that will need to be applied with the appropriate machine. What this does is do away with those pesky micro-scratches that we talked about a few occasions. It also tends to make the floor much easier to clean which cuts down on your long term fees for the floor.

Presently there are penetrating sealers/polishes on the market that when utilised in conjunction with lithium densifiers can make these maintenance steps final even longer and cost only pennies compared to repolishing each quarter or every single year.

If you are contemplating a polished concrete floor for any application be confident to talk about the maintenance program with your polishing contractor and have him present recommendations for the goods that we have discussed right here.

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