Lofts are the accommodations that are constructed as the open spaces without having interior walls and high ceilings, the bathrooms and the kitchens being present at the same level and there are no courtyards. They have been originally a renovation of the old warehouses in the inner city that were converted into the residential places for the people to live. But with the passage of time the trends have changed and more and more lofts are constructed in the city. Living in the loft has now become a part of the accessory and luxury living.However living in the loft is not easy and is associated with a lot many problems. The first problem that you would face is the loss of privacy. In case where a big family is living in one loft, people in the house cannot enjoy adequate privacy. Even a small whisper in one corner of the house will reach the other corner. Moreover putting on television, music or light at night would disturb everybody at home and thus will not be a feasible idea. Having guests at home would be specially a trouble. Having no proper rooms disturbs the privacy of both the families.

Another big problem you have with the loft is the noise problem. Since most of the lofts have wooden floor, walking on the floor creates a lot of noise. Also as the windows are large much noise from the surroundings enters into the room making your life uncomfortable. Wallessness adds to your problems as you cannot escape the noises from the people at home. To overcome all these problems it’s better to keep your entire house carpeted. Carpets absorb a lot of the noise in the room. Add rugs to the floor to produce an additional effect. Cover all the windows with heavy curtains to minimize the noise from the surroundings.Since loft is a large open space keeping it clean is not easy. You have to spend a lot of time in keeping the things in order. The walls are large and high and all the pipes in the wall are visible so you will have to spend too much on painting and decoration.

Also it will not be possible for you to do everything yourself so you will have to hire a professional painter that too would add to the cost.In the loft apartments you have no defined space for each of your room so it may sometimes be uncomfortable for you to maintain the partitions. Adding wood boards may do the job but still the matter is not resolved completely.The biggest problem with the loft living is maintaining temperature. The loft apartments get too hot in summers and too cold in winters. The windows in the apartments are large that extend from ceiling to the floor. They allow too much sunlight in the summers and too much wind in the winters. Since the windows are of no defined size finding blinds for them may give you a headache. The performance of the air conditioners decrease and they don’t provide the required cooling, and the cost on the electricity increases.

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