Process mill operation precautions

Ceramic sand rail equipment and the potential introduction block

Ceramic sand equipment rail ( because the conditions and rail slider task group really similar task conditions , it is only equipped with ceramic sand rail task conditions explained smooth characteristics ) contact area, the film spread unevenly , have added to the adhesive wear hoods bias. After running-in , because the role of ceramic sand squeezed between the rail equipment , equipment easily squeezed ceramic sand rail surface smoothing agent . On the sub- rail extrusion and reciprocating stationary guide surface to maintain the pump in the thin film , so it is in the smooth boundary condition .

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Taking dynamic pressure or hydrostatic guideways , the film is too thick or too high oil wedge will make rail float will cause the appearance of machined parts are decreased brightness and accuracy. On the elongated guide rail , in the control conduit within a certain distance required to make a smooth and effective agent dispersed in the guide what to avoid excessive wear of ceramic sand equipment rail. When circulating lubricating oil mixed with dust or chips , scratches and wear form ceramic sand equipment rail surface , therefore, sometimes mounted guard at the rail surface . Because providing smooth Jing deficiency, poor quality or improper choice , friction can rise to a maximum value at the moment , that is beyond the mission station can overcome dynamic friction , then attack prostrate .

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Process mill operation precautions

For the milling machine properly, should develop equipment ” equipped home for safe operation of the system ” can only protect the safe operation of the mill temporarily while have the necessary repair tools and smooth fat and corresponding accessories. Mill course in the use of them, should be fixed as care personnel , the operator has the necessary skill level for sure . Milling machine before installing the operating personnel necessary to carry out the necessary skills training, so that a sense of understanding of the performance of the original mill , familiar rules. Roller installed about 500 hours use time beyond the roller when the new change , each necessary rolling bearing roller cleaning kit , the destruction of parts should be timely change , fuel pumps and tools available to manually grease gun .

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Mill use for some time , it should overhaul , while the ring roller mill blade change wearing parts for repair resolved , roller mounted on the front of the convergence using bolts and nuts should be carefully reviewed to see whether there are loose sight smooth can add a little oil . Fineness conditioning , according to the size of the material , hardness, moisture content , the proportion of different thickness or different degree of processing , conditioning the top of the parse electric mill , high speed , high fineness , low -speed, low fineness. Progress fineness, production will decrease, if the request is not yet reached , the fan speed should be commissioning , the user can control dexterity .

Ring roller mill scrap the limit, the residual mill minimum wall thickness of not less than 10mm. When parking , stop the feed , the host still inherit the residual abrasive grinding inheritance , about a minute later, the host may be sealed electric motors and motor analysis , stagnation milling tasks, which stalled after the blower motor to purge residual powder milling machine .

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