Protect All Types of Servers/workstations in Mid-sized Companies With Sony AIT5 Backup Tape

Backup technology has become a necessity in the corporate world of today. All businesses interact with one another via different means and the use of the internet is one that is quite common. The internet is used by businesses in order to communicate with their representatives in other countries and localities. The fact that cyberspace is such a common field of interaction for businesses also makes it dangerous because anything can happen to the software and database rendering these unworkable or possibly erasing any information saved on a computer. This would mean that a business would have to go over the whole research process all over again.

Hackers are always lurking around the internet. Some of them may want to hack into a computer to retrieve information that may harm a company’s reputation. Often a bigger company may hire the services of a hacker in order to bring down their competition and to maintain a monopoly over their market. This is not unheard of. It is important to protect vital information because anything can happen to a company’s database and/or its software. The information stored on the software must be saved elsewhere, too, because this would provide a company with a separate source on which the information would be well-protected and safe from any external threat.

This is where backup technology is important- as the name suggests, it allows user to save the information from their computer systems to a durable medium. So if the information is lost from your system, it can be retrieved from backup resource. The Sony AIT 5 media tape would be the perfect backup technology device for small organizations looking for smooth business growth. The tape comes with a massive storage capacity which would enable a company to store a lot of information. With 1040 GB of compressed data and 400 GB of native data many large documents and digital files can be stored on to these tapes. If hackers and viruses attack the database of your computer, information can be retrieved from these durable AIT5 tapes.

The Sony AIT 5 solution has WORM (Write One, Read Many) capabilities. So if anyone (staff member of unauthorized person) gains access, he wont be able to alter the recorded data. Hence any information saved on the WORM tape will be archived in its original form.

In addition to these amazing features, the Sony AIT 5 tape is cheap and cost-effective. So businesses of all sizes and types (small to midrange) can integrate this system in their demanding data centres. The tape cartridges are compact and so, they can be carried around from one location to another and this makes them useful whether an employee or employer has to exhibit information saved on these tapes at a meeting elsewhere.

So the conclusion is that the Sony AIT 5 tape is a quality decisions and SMB customers must go for this system. Not only would it help keep important information safe but it would also help them bounce back to their initial position.

Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets TAIT2-80N and SDX3-100W. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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