Psychological Causes Of Quick Ejaculation And How To Prevent The Problem

Psychological Reasons for Quick Ejaculation

Studies suggest 1 out of 3 men have been embarrassed by quick ejaculation at some point in their life. The scenario becomes a treatable disease, when premature ejaculation occurs within 1 minute of lovemaking every time you try to have sex. This will leave the female thoroughly irritated and the man totally guilty. It is absolutely normal for a man to spurt out quickly once in five or six lovemaking. But, if the quick ejaculation ratio turns into 6:1 it might be an indication of a severe problem.

Psychological Causes for Premature Release

Men like lovemaking more than women in most cases. They are eager to relieve themselves of their agony. But, females need extensive foreplay to bring them into mood. This time gap results in quick ejaculation for most of the males who release themselves the moment they get in contact with the vagina. The process would be over for the female by the time she starts to develop the slightest sensation. Here are some psychological reasons for quick ejaculation in men.

Faltering relationships: Men are quite sensitive even though they rarely express it. The silly casual remarks made by the partner can reduce a man’s libido to a substantial level. Man ceases to try and hold long when they are angry or not interested in pleasing the partner. Several men need a therapist or counselor’s assistance to understand their own mind game.

Mental blocks: Quick ejaculation can occur due to the exact opposite scenario defined above too. When men love their partner madly, they get aroused by their every action. Holding too long becomes an agony for most men resulting in premature ejaculation in bed. This will lead to performance anxiety and insecure feeling make the problem worse. A soothing word or an appreciative remark by the partner can increase the male sexual performance gradually. However, the guidance of a sexual therapist will prove valuable in many cases.

Subconscious syndrome: The mind is the main cause for most of the sexual disorders in men. For example, most men will ejaculate quickly, trying to impress fast as a teenager. They might have made it quick in some intimate relationships due to time constrains, space constraints and various other reasons. The positive reactions registered in their subconscious mind during the quick ejaculation make them try the same technique again and again, no matter how hard they try to change according to the current partner’s requirement.

The basic symptoms of quick ejaculation are

1. Not being able to hold the semen for more than one minute. A healthy male should be able to prolong the lovemaking for at least five or six minutes before ejaculation.

2. Decreased interest in sex, build up of excessive stress and performance anxiety.

3. Total incapability to control oneself during lovemaking or masturbation.

4. Lack of fulfillment from orgasm after the lovemaking for one or both the members involved.

5. Totally nil or scanty secondary ejaculation for a few hours after orgasm.

If you have more than three of these symptoms, you can use natural and safe herbal remedies to increase your male stamina and to prolong your lovemaking sessions. Most popular herbal remedies to prevent quick ejaculation are Lawax and Vital M-40 capsules.

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