Quantum DAT-72 tape: solution to all your backup needs

Every business now realizes the importance of investing in a reliable backup technology and securing its valuable data. Computers are now used to store important business data, they not only save time but also require less manual intervention. Despite so many advantages computers have for a business, there are certain risks associated with increased dependence on the computer. Computers cannot be trusted completely as they are vulnerable to many threats like virus attack, power breakdown, spyware, hardware & software malfunction and even disasters which are beyond human control like floods etc.

If a computer is exposed to any of these threats there is high probability that business would lose its crucial data permanently. Without this data, business would not only lose its revenue but it would be highly impossible to retrieve the lost data completely. Permanent loss of data can even lead to business failure. But this disaster can be avoided easily; all a business has to do is invest in a reliable backup technology which will keep a duplicate copy of the essential business data which can easily be retrieved in case business loses its data with little human intervention.

Quantum is a leading IT company which provides most innovative products to its customers. Quantum DAT-72 tape media solution provides the most efficient backup solution to small scale businesses. It offers storage capacity of 36 GB of native data. Added compression feature increases this storage capacity to 72 GB of compressed data. It is designed for high demanding working environments and enhances data integrity.

Quantum DAT-72 tape incorporates DDS (digital data storage) format which provides better protection and superior performance compared to other tape media formats like DLT, Travan etc.  These tapes have gone through rigorous testing to deliver maximum performance to customers. Quantum DAT-72, CDM72 tape stores data reliably and protects it for longer period of time. It is not only durable but also offers fast data transfer rate that is why most of the businesses trust this product. Without any disruption in performance it can process data at a speed of 25.2 gigabytes’ per hour.

Quantum DAT-72 tape drives comes with backward compatibility which means it can read and write data from previous generations of DDS tapes which gives customers a pain free migration path. Tape Shield feature is also incorporated in these tape drives which protects the drive head and media from pollutants which increases the life of these tapes. You can directly connect these tape drives to the main server through a USB port or internal SATA interface.

Quantum DAT-72 tape offers fast processing speed and superior performance to its customers. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty from its manufacturers. It is the most economical and efficient backup technology available in the market. Businesses worldwide are installing DDS tape technology as it has proved itself to be more reliable and durable compared to other tape technologies available in the market. It is the ideal backup solution for small scale business organizations which meets all their data storage demands.

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