Quantum DAT160 The Low Cost Solution For Backing Up Workstations And Servers In SMB Environment

Talk about hundreds of favorite songs, a million memorable and precious pictures and loads of other stuff that took ages to gather and the only place where all of it has been stored is the computer’s hard drive. No doubt the computer’s hard drive can have huge spaces to fit in all your data very easily, but when the hard drive crashes, it takes down with it the possible chances of recovering the recorded data. In such a disastrous instance as this, we end up losing literally all of our data. Only some part of the data might be recovered, but not all of it. This is where the backup technology set in and played a huge role in the popularity of the backup devices.

The Quantum offers its customers with the smart DAT 160 tape media solution for protecting the valuable data assets at a low cost. Quantum has been well known for manufacturing highly reliable backup devices and other products related to the data storage. Before the E-business environment flourished, only the large businesses used to backup their data, which cost a lot compared to this DAT160 storage technology.

Quantum DAT 160 tape comes with a raw storage capacity of 80 GB. This is sufficient for small and medium sized businesses that have to comply with data retention legislations. Even the common users can backup huge files sitting at home with the same convenience as the traditional floppy disk or the USBs. The storage capacity of the Quantum DAT 160 media cartridge can be increased to up to 160 gigabytes for the storage of compressed data. The traditional floppy disks that people used only had space as little as the storage of hardly a few megabytes which could incorporate a document or a picture at one time.

Even the USBs can’t fulfill basic backup requirements of businesses or individuals who wish to backup everything from their computer systems. The Quantum DAT-160 technology is very user friendly, space efficient and can be easily handled.  The data transfer speed of the Quantum DAT-160 tape format is around 50 GB per second. With the transfer rate such as this, the people responsible for the backups of businesses will see a considerable change in their backing up system.

The Quantum DAT 160 backup tape has been built with the technology of MRS (Media Recognition System).  This technology makes sure that the drive knows that the tape is being used only for DAT. This smart approach has helped to prevent the unnecessary errors which occur because of increased spacing loss. The tape also has a smooth and shiny film base which ensures that the drive accurately write/read the data tracks.

The Quantum DAT 160 tape has been built with a perfect static resistance system which prevents the unwanted accumulation of dust into the tape. With a pollutant-free environment, the cartridge would perform better and will have an increased useful life due to the lesser wear and tear. So increase the data security of your entire IT center with this economical solution.

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