Quantum DDS 4, CDM40 Backup Tape Format Delivers High Value to the SMB Customers

Your sensitive corporate data can be hacked, whereas the other major threats such as viruses, natural disasters, human errors and hardware malfunctions can damage your data assets or even completely erase them. Therefore, deployment of a reliable on-going backup system in the data center is essential if you want to succeed in your business industry and comply with the government regulations. DDS (Digital Data Storage), a superior tape-base format, does the backup operations more efficiently and economically than other tape technologies.

For faster backup performance, reliable restores, longer archival life and low cost per GB, the IT managers trust Quantum-branded DDS tape devices. Quantum DDS-4 solution delivers SMB customers the best total ownership cost, ample capacity and fast speed to keep pace with the modern backup software and commercial applications.

Quantum DDS4 is particularly suited to entry level servers, storage-intensive businesses, workgroup backups, small networks, high end workstations and medium enterprises.

Quantum CDM40 represents the fourth generation DDS4 media cartridge that features an exceptionally-high storage density. As a result, the Quantum CDM40 tape can reliably accommodate up to 20 GB / 40 GB data. Quantum DDS4 drives have been carefully engineered to support a broader range of storage environments. So the users can flexibly select the drive configuration that suits their IT infrastructure. Quantum DDS-4 drives allow fast connectivity to the host systems as an internal or table-top unit.

Good news is that Quantum has enhanced the data transfer speed to help support the modern business application. In compressed mode, the Quantum DDS 4 drives achieve backup speed of 19.8 GB per hour.

Tape industry’s leading companies have developed DDS tape cartridges. As a result, high quality DDS tapes are available to the customers at competitive prices. Part numbers of few DDS tape brands are listed below:

DGDAT320, Sony DAT-320 tape
C8011A, HP DDS6 tape
18P7912, IBM DDS 5 tape
27505, TDK DDS4 tape
27520, TDK DDS3 tape
26047300, Fuji DDS3 tape
C5707A, HP DDS2 tape
331910, Maxell DDS1 tape

Quantum DDS4 is a cost-efficient tape solution for the users of DDS3 and DDS2 technologies, who are looking to enhance the backup storage capability, without losing the grip on their current DDS tapes. By migrating to the next generation, the customers of Quantum DDS4 can enjoy the benefit of writing and extracting the data from DDS2 & DDS3 cartridge with greater reliability. This remarkable backward compatibility lowers the ownership cost and allows pain-free upgrades. So the business enterprises can safely stake their future on Quantum DDS tape format.

You can trust Quantum DDS tapes for data sharing across different remote sites, and also for long term offsite data preservation. Their ultra-fine base film reduces tape friction, and ultimately results in lesser media wear-and-tear. Therefore, the tape drive can efficiently perform the read/write tasks without any interruptions and maintain superior data reliability under high duty cycles.

Quantum DDS4 is the best optimal tape solution for the business enterprises’ data protection needs and uncompromising storage demands.

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