Quantum DDS-6 is a Big Hitter in Medium & Small Backup Tape Industry

IT centers of public organizations, financial institutions and businesses have blossomed into complex busy networks that are flooded by voluminous operational data. Coupled with higher risk of data breaches and shrinking budgets, the IT managers need to devise smart strategies for seamless future growth. A copy of organizational data must be preserved at a safe location away from your IT center. So the on-site data corruption or hardware failure would not pose threat to your business continuity.

Small & medium businesses are also creating mirrored copies of the valuable corporate data. Their constrained data-center space and limited IT expertise have increased the demand for low-cost and intelligent backup systems. The first choice of customers is DDS (Digital Data Storage) that was specifically designed for this segment. Its market dominance of 20+ years provides businesses complete confidence regarding investment protection and supreme reliability. A number of world’s leading companies are offering their DDS tape devices, which is the reason why customers are enjoying low prices for the high quality products. Quantum-branded DDS solutions stand apart with flexible configurations, greater compatibility and higher return on investment.

Quantum DDS-6 tape system delivers the best operating efficiency and robust security in medium & small organizations. Half and full height DDS6 drives enable trouble-free installation in small data centers. Moreover, connectivity to the broadest range of advanced system has been ensured with SAS, SCSI and universal plug-and-play interfaces.  To optimize the performance of these intelligent drives, Quantum developed a long-lasting tape featuring part number MR-D6MQN-01. This DDS6 tape cartridge has a durable architecture and records enormous 80 GB information. Enhancement of tape’s storage capacity is possible through the impressive 2 to 1 compression mechanism. All Quantum DDS6 drives reliably perform the advantageous compression. Users wont any experience and degradation in overall storage efficiency.

The remarkable two generation backward compatibility has attracted many businesses, especially the existing DDS4 and DDS5 customers struggling with their rapid data growth. The backward compatibility includes both data reading & writing. So the users can connect to various other DDS storage environments, and share their precious data with absolute reliability. This tape system is fast enough (50 GB/hr compressed rate) to reliably copy data from the mid-range workstations and servers. The tape cartridge is engineered with the innovative MP+++ (Metal Particle) formulation that has improved its archival life to 30 years. In addition, the strong cartridge shell reduces the potential of damage. Therefore, the harmful effects of rough tape handlings are minimized.

Your IT center becomes more agile as you can quickly jump to the desired data file in less than 50 seconds. Super-fast data accessibility is complemented by the solid mean time between failures of 125,000 hours. This compact solution satisfies the needs of remote offices and departmental servers with its fast data access, trouble-free scalability and multiple drive models. Quantum DDS technology keeps pace with your company’s evolving data protection needs. The roadmap has been designed to extend the SMB customers’ investment, while providing an efficient solution for advanced computing systems.

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