Quantum DDS-6, The Most Successful Backup Tape Solution For Small Storage Environments

In E-business environment, the customers generate requests round-the-clock. So the I.T managers need to be on their toes and must devise a strategy to remedy the common headaches of software bugs and performance de-gradation due to malicious viruses. These threats can be minimized to some extent, but there is no protection against fire, flood etc. Offsite backup storage is the solution to all these disasters.

SMB (small and mid-sized businesses) are also encapsulated by the demanding data retention legislations. Their backup storage requirements are different from those of the large enterprises. With constrained data-center space, it is essential to integrate a compact solution that can retain data for longer time period and meet the demands of advanced E-business applications.

DDS (Digital Data Storage) technology fulfills all of these requirements and has a proven history of two decades. Excellent range of leading brands makes DDS solution highly economical and the most robust in its class. Quantum is a frontline DDS brand that has a compact solution for the toughest challenges.

Quantum’s sixth generation, DDS 6 tape, is a low-priced and reliable system for small & midrange storage environments.  IT managers will surely find a compact drive configuration for their complex data center. So confidently connect the SAS, USB 2.0, SCSI 3 drives to your servers/workstations and secure data with superior reliability. Rock solid reliability is ensured by these drive models at 6.9/13.8 Mbps data rate. The 5.25 & 3.5 inch drive architectures fit seamlessly in all types of branch offices and busy data centers.

DDS6 is the smallest tape available that holds a tremendous 80/160 GB data. So the users enjoy a perfect balance of storage consolidation, higher data transfer speed and trouble-free scalability. Base film has been carefully engineered to withstand severe working conditions, and run smoothly during repeated load/unload cycles. Additionally, the data access time (average 50 seconds) further add to its attractive attributes.

Existing DDS 4 and DDS-5 customers can grow in a cost effective manner and carry forward all of their tapes. Quantum DDS 6 drives has gained popularity in its respective class, as they are the only drives that are compatible with three generations. So write and retrieve data without any hassle from any of these DDS versions.

Moreover, if you require higher storage performance and faster speed, this DDS6 solution provides a smooth path to next DAT320 generation that is fully backward compatible. So the total ownership cost is reduced and organizations improve the security of their busy data centers with minimal investment. IT managers are more concerned about the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) rating, as it reflects the reliability of backup system. Quantum DDS-6 solution outshines with a remarkable 125,000 hours MTBF rating.

The base film is carefully engineered to the highest level of durability, which allows fast data streaming and long term storage up to 30 years. The smoothness of tape surface and recording density has been increased with the incorporation of MP+++ (Metal Particle) coating. So the SMB customers won’t find better space-efficiency, and performance than this durable Quantum DDS6 solution.

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