Quantum DDS4 Tape Most Robust Compact And Durable Backup Technology

Businesses all over the world are now adopting advance technology as it saves their precious time and also helps in reducing costs for a business. Now instead of paper work, most of the essential business data is stored on the computers. Unlike paper work, storing data on computer is not time consuming and it is much easier to locate data on a computer. Despite these benefits usage of computers has for a business, computers cannot be trusted, as data stored on computers is susceptible to multiple threats like virus attack, power breakdown, natural disaster, malware, spyware etc.

Such disasters can be a huge financial loss for a business. Without a backup technology installed, business would have to invest its time and money into recreating such vast amount of data with the help of expensive and time consuming software. Permanent loss of data not only means business has to incur costs of recreating the crucial data, but also in some cases if a business is unable to recover its vital customer and organizational data, it will have to pay penalties as well. All businesses aim for growth and sustainability, but permanent loss of data is a catastrophe which would ruin all your future business plans. In order to avoid this disaster, business should install a reliable and durable backup technology.

Quantum as a leading IT brand offers its customers a broad range of product which is both durable and innovative. Quantum DDS4 tape, part number CDM40 is an ideal backup tape technology for small and medium sized firms. DDS media tape format has dominated the backup industry for nearly two decades. These cartridges provide long term storage facility; it is the fourth generation of DDS backup tape format launched by Quantum.

They have been designed to deliver superior performance under harsh working environments and efficiently withstand high duty cycles. These cartridges offer massive storage capacity to meet your business data storage needs. It can store 20 GB of native data and this storage ability is further enhanced with the compression feature and it can store up to40 GB of compressed data.

For greater durability, Quantum has ensured that the DDS 4 tapes are manufactured under strictly-controlled process. DDS4, CDM40 tape features a robust base film and its extremely smooth finish helps in reducing the spacing loss, media deterioration and improving tape stability. These cartridges are designed to fulfill needs of those IT centers that are facing problem of limited storage space. So trust this compact DDS 4 system.

These cartridges are compatible with both internal and desktop drive models and therefore it can be installed with wider range of IT centers. Quantum DDS4 drives feature backward compatibility which means it can read and write data from previous DDS tape formats. These drives have undergone rigorous testing and have proven to provide faster data transfer speed without causing any disruptions in the business operations. It can transfer data at a speed off 19.8 gigabytes’ per hour.Quantum DDS4 tape is the most economical yet durable and reliable backup technology which offers exclusive features and delivers superior performance.

Business enterprises trust Odsi.co.uk that is well-renowned for the exquisite range of tape media products. So all of your storage needs can be cost efficiently fulfilled with our high quality backup products. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email: sales@odsi.co.uk

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