Quantum DLT 4, THXKD02 Tape Cartridge is Ideal For DLT-8000 Drive

The organizations are producing mountains of digital data. Today’s rigorous data protection demands are being further amplified by the stringent data retention laws, constrained resources and tough business challenges. DLT (digital linear tape) format can help you satisfy these objectives with exceptional performance value. DLT is an excellent choice for SMBs, video archiving and busy data centers.

Quantum is a world-leading brand in tape drives, libraries, tape cartridges and other backup media technologies. Quantum DLT products offer superior cost-effectiveness, improved reliability and flexible configurations. Quantum DLT 8000 is a high speed tape drive that protects the customers’ previous DLT investments and provides the flexibility to connect to a broader range of IT environments. The drive uses the fourth generation DLT-IV tape media. Storage capacity offered by DLT 4 tape is 40 GB (uncompressed). Mainframe systems using NetWare, MS Windows NT, LINUX and UNIX can also count on DLT 8000 tape drive.

DLT 8000 drive features an exceptional 12 MB/sec compressed transfer speed, thus decreasing the backup time and providing support to the commercial applications.

Quantum DLT-4 tape cartridge, part number THXKD02, has been specifically formulated for DLT 8000 drive. Quantum DLT4 cartridge delivers exceptional durability and higher operating efficiency to meet the demands of storage-intensive business enterprises. The robust base film provides protection against pollutants and minimizes tape deterioration. As a result, the DLT 8000 drive can efficiently perform read/ write operations and maximize the backup performance. You will be amazed to know that the working life of Quantum DLT-4 tape is 1,000,000 passes. The Quantum DLT-4 media and DLT-8000 drive provide a reliable data protection solution for high end workstations, mid-sized computing systems, network servers and small enterprises.

A wide range of backup tapes are available from Quantum, which provide economical backup solution to the growing data protection demands. A few of them have been mentioned below:

Quantum LTO5 ultrium tape, MR-L5MQN-01
Quantum LTO ultrium4 tape, MR-L4MQN-01

For small & medium businesses, you can use the following Quantum tapes:

Quantum SDLT 1 tape, MRSAMCL01
Quantum DAT72 tape, CDM72
Quantum LTO2 ultrium tape, MR-L2MQN-01
Quantum DDS3 tape, CDM24
Quantum DAT160 tape, MR-D6MQN-01

Both Quantum DLT-4 tape drive and media are reasonably priced, whereas the low operational cost makes it an attractive solution for the business enterprises with tight I.T budgets. Archival life of high-performance Quantum DLT 4 cartridge is 30 years, which helps to meet the rigid mandates of data retention laws. Quantum DLT 8000 drive is also incredibly reliable, with a head life of 50,000 hours; the users can enjoy consistent performance and be confident of in-time data availability.

Quantum DLT4 cartridge features a rugged design and a robust outer cartridge shell that provides exceptional protection against inadvertent drops. In addition, the DLT-IV backup tapes are also shock-resistant. In order to ensure smooth tape movement and precise data tracking, Quantum has incorporated a special tape leader in DLT-IV cartridge.

This remarkable robustness and superior cost-efficiency is why the IT managers trust Quantum DLT-4 solution.

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