Quantum Introduces A Tailor Made LTO5 Tape Media Format For Growing Businesses

The biggest need of the businesses of the modern age is backup technology.  The reason why backup technology has become so crucial to a business is that nowadays businesses interact with local, domestic, international and global clients. The scale of operations has increased dramatically over a period of two decades and now businesses have a lot of data that need to be stored.

For example, businesses have to keep track of their major suppliers all over the world; they also need to keep details of the important clients and other information related to the financial position and material wealth of the business. All this information is integral for the survivor of a business and since all of this is stored on computers there is a high chance that it may be lost.

Computers are always exposed to the threat of a virus, some viruses are so severe that show no mercy and destroy everything on the computer system. If something like this happens to a business that does not have backup technology in place, it might cease its operations because without crucial information a business has no worth.

However to overcome this problem permanently, businesses have shown their inclination towards backup technology. The most famous kind of back up technology in the corporate world is Linear Tape Open technology. LTO technology has proved to significantly increase the efficiency and reliability of the businesses. In the year 2010 the fifth generation of this technology was released and from hat time onwards it is the fastest selling product in the industry. Quantum LTO5 ultrium tape has superior attributes that make it stand out in the integrated markets of today.

The MR-L5MQM-01, LTO5 tape has a remarkable storage capacity of 1.5 TB native data and 3 TB compressed data. The processing speed of the tape media system is also very impressive at 1 Terabytes’ per hour.The smaller the better, this is the one of desirable attributes of the products of modern age and Quantum LTO 5 tape reflects this perfectly.

Given the amount of data the tape can store the size is really very compact which makes it easier for businesses to store. The reduced size of the tape also allows businesses to free up shelf space and use it more effectively. The secret behind the success of the tape are rare and unique features like WORM, encryption and partition. This LTO5 tape is one of its kinds because it includes the partition feature.

It is advised that if businesses want to make full use of these features they must have the Quantum LTO5 tape drive in place. The tape drive divides the tape in two parts and allows information to be stored in these two different compartments. The encryption feature allows businesses to encode their key information in order to hedge against intrusion. Lastly, the Write Once Read Many feature allows businesses to enter data once and then disables the ability to edit and change it. This feature ensures the authenticity of the data for the business.

Business enterprises trust Odsi.co.uk that is well-renowned for the exquisite range of tape media products. So all of your storage needs can be cost efficiently fulfilled with our high quality backup products. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email: sales@odsi.co.uk

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