Quantum’s DLT-8000 Drive is an Excellent Choice for DLT-IV Tape Media

In today’s collaborative and fast paced business environment, protection and preservation of mission-critical data is essential for every organization.

Quantum understands the challenges you face as a data administrator. You can efficiently meet handle these tough challenges with Quantum DLT tape media solutions. DLT tape is an extremely reliable and firmly-established backup media technology that has become the favorite solution for data rich environments and enterprise applications.

Quantum DLT 8000 is a precision engineered tape drive that provides highly cost-effective and consistent backup performance in a wide range of network servers, medium-sized organizations, high-end workstations, small businesses, branch offices and enterprise applications. DLT 8000 drive has been carefully engineered to elevate the storage value and provide exceptional compatibility with the leading backup software and operating systems. The drive can store native 40GB data per single DLT-IV tape. In comparison to the previous generation DLT-7000 drive, the data throughput rate of DLT 8000 drive has been enhanced by 20%. In compressed mode, the DLT 8000 drive attains a higher transfer rate of 12 MB/sec.

Quantum DLT-4 tape solution provides industry-leading results and saves your precious time & money. Quantum DLT 4 tape cartridge, part number THXKD02, is also extremely reliable and features a longer 30-year shelf life. Robust tape medium of Quantum DLT-IV cartridge can withstand up to 1 million tape passes. Capacity and data transfer speed are paramount in backup storage system. Powerful combination of Quantum DLT-4 tape media and DLT 8000 drive satisfies both of these requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Quantum offers world-class backup storage solution that help to enhance your productivity and improve the overall organizational performance. Quantum’s comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading data storage products provides reliable backup solution to a broader range of organizations. For your convenience, few of the market leading Quantum tape cartridges have been listed below:

CDM40, Quantum DDS-4 tape
CDM72, Quantum DAT72 tape
MR-L4MQN-01, Quantum LTO4 ultrium tape
MR-L5MQN-01, Quantum LTO5 tape
MRSAMCL01, Quantum SDLT-1 tape
MRS2MQN01, Quantum SDLT-2 tape

Lower operating cost, proven reliability and longer working life make Quantum DLT-IV tape an excellent investment. A unique tape locking system has been introduced in Quantum DLT 4 backup tape that helps to prevent tape slack. As a result, the Quantum DLT-IV tape cartridges ensure consistent performance and data precision under high duty cycles. In order to ensure superior storage value and media longevity, Quantum has introduced a durable read/write head in DLT-8000 drive that extends the working life to 50,000 hours. Quantum DLT 8000 drive and DLT-4 tape cartridges are competitively priced.

For complete data protection, the best option is off-site storage of backup media. Tough outer cartridge shell and robust architecture of Quantum DLT-IV backup tape help to ensure safe and secure transportation to off-site locations. So you can be confident of long term reliability and protection from potential damage in event of un-intentional drops or rough handlings.

Quantum DLT-4 tape solution’s unbeatable backup performance at a reasonable price has created great attraction for the budget-conscious customers.

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