quarry mining crushing equipment

Extracting silver from ore containing the metal is a complicated operation. It begins with open pit or underground mines. Miners extract the silver-bearing ore,ball mills for sale in South Africa crush and grind it and separate it into parts containing different metals by flotation. Silver exists in mineral form as a sulfide, along with high concentrations of the sulfides of other metals such as copper, lead and zinc. Depending on which metal is carrying the silver sulfides, miners apply corresponding metallurgical processes to obtain the other metals and refined silver.

Silver is generally extracted from ore by smelting or the modernized technique of chemical leaching. Treating the Ore by mercury combination, such as in the patio procedure or pan incorporation was widely used during the years of 1800s, but is hardly ever used today.quarry mining crushing equipment Silver is also created during the electrolytic distillation of copper and by submission of the Parkes progression on lead metal acquired from lead ores that include diminutive quantities of silver.

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