Quick Release Of Semen Causes, Symptoms And Herbal Products To Cure The Problem

Premature ejaculation or quick release of semen leaves several young men in the world embarrassed and doubtful about their potency. There are several risk factors and complications involved in the scenario. In most cases, premature ejaculation is a self induced complication caused due to over masturbation, uncontrollable alcoholism or unhealthy life style. Quick release of semen is only a tip of the iceberg for most patients. They discover other hidden complications in the body like diabetics, blood pressure and heart disorder while trying to treat their PE problem.

Causes for Quick Release of Semen

1. Excess alcoholism and chain smoking decrease the sperm count in men considerably. This leads to several nervous disorders resulting in premature ejaculation for several men. It is a pity several men believe consuming alcohol helps them in performing better. To quote Shakespeare on alcohol “It increases the desire, but it takes away the performance”

2. Sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s can cause severe infection in the ejaculation duct, leading to quick release of semen. Young men having sex with more than one partner recurrently should check for STD’s if they start having premature ejaculation regularly.

3. Men taking medications for a long time experience this issue, when they stop taking the drugs. This is especially true for drugs related to mental issues. There is a general opinion that drug given for anti depression sustains orgasm. But it is just a widely believed myth.

4. Genetic traits of infertility are also a reason for the quick release of semen. Some people just don’t feel like elongating sex with certain women, even though they are completely healthy. This will result in frequent quick spurting.

5. Men recovering from major surgeries are prone to have temporary problems in controlling semen. People having diabetics have serious stamina issues.

Symptoms of Quick Release of Semen

1. Over anxiety during lovemaking will lead to quick leakage.

2. Uncomfortably rigid muscles during lovemaking prevent voluntary control of semen secretion.

3. Decreased sex desire and the agony to release quickly.

4. Inflammation in the penile area due to various infections will lead to quick release of semen.

5. Over sensitivity in the penile area will cause immediate release on slightest contact with vaginal muscles.

There are several ways to treat such complications. One effective way is to use topical anesthetic creams or sprays. They decrease the extra sensitivity in the male organ, giving more time for stimulation, thus prolonging the sex. The side effect of using this cream is very little sensitivity which results only in partial pleasure for males.

There are several other exercises, techniques and therapies used to remove the mental block and perform with stamina and interest. Kegel exercises have proven to be very beneficial for several people who had severe quick release of semen problem. Alternate medicine suggests herbal supplements and practicing yoga to increase muscle flexibility. Recovering from alcohol, drug and smoking addiction completely have cleared the problem automatically for numerous people in a very short time. Quick release of semen is a curable problem if you have enough self control and the will power to do so. Lawax and Vital M-40 capsules are uniquely formulated herbal supplements to cure the problem of quick release of semen naturally. Both these herbal products help men to make lovemaking sessions longer and more satisfying.

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